Alternative to O.smium?

I was curious to see if anyone knows of an alternative to O.smium. I noticed it isn’t updated with the newest ship changes and I currently have no access to Pyfa or any of the downloadable fitting tools.

Why would you not have access to pyfa?

Just some possibilities:

  1. Working on a computer without admin rights
  2. Not at a desktop when the thread was posted and only using a mobile device
  3. Github on a network banned list (eg. Secure networks often ban sites regarded as file repositories to prevent security breaches)

O.smium was my go to for storing and working on my fits when I was away from home. When it lost 6 months of work when it lost all that data around July. Then since then it’s been up and down so much, I’m kinda afraid to use it.

I use NEOCOM II on IOS, its updated to Life Blood, it reads you assets, it dose and shares ship citadel and POS fits and reads your in game fits, reads EvE mail, reads the market, checks prices, shows LPs, your killboards an zKillboards, and PI cycles.

On android I use EvE Droid Beta(before Life Blood), EvE PI.

I haven’t used any of the PC fitting tools.

Deployed, left personal computer at home and I’m pretty sure my boss would be upset if I installed Pyfa on my work computer, lol.

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I might have to give Eve Droid another go. I deleted it a while ago cause it would crash in the middle of trying to fit something all the time.

It’s EvE Droid Beta inst bad but it hasn’t been updated in a while

Yup, I downloaded it and was disappointed to see that. So that makes it as useful as O.smium.

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