That "new" App, is it already dead again?

About half a year ago CCP launched another attempt at a companion app to EVE (original announcement:

There where some bug fixes along the line, mainly to fix the pretty stupid limitation to arm64 when the majority of phones is still on 32bit. Apart from that there was the usual big promises and some bs talk from Hilmar about PLEX trading coming to the app, and nothing, just nothing for half a year.

Is it already dead? Again?

I use the Android app all the time so I don’t think it’s dead.

Works fine for me, I don’t use it too often but it works just fine.

I don’t mean if it works. I mean if further development is already dead :roll_eyes:

Is EVEmon “dead” because it doesn’t add new things, or Pyfa? No they do exactly what they need to do. Sure it could perhaps use some more stuff but then that’s always the case.

Pyfa is under development. They rack out new versions in a regular fashion, you see new commits on github, it is very much alive. No idea about EVEmon, I don’t use that.

You could argue that if an app is feature complete the cadence of releases may slow down sure. But this was a brand new app which can barely do anything and it already seems abandoned to me.

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It actually has some features missing in the game. In the app you can see all your Plex transaction history. How your acquired, how much, and how you used the Plex. In the game the Plex tab just has amounts but no history.

Pyfa brings out updates because it has to as CCP changes stats and ships and whatnot, the updates aren’t pushed. It makes sense for the APP to have its updates pushed, so normal/minor changes you won’t even really notice.

Could they add more features, yes they could. Could them not adding more features imply that it’s abandoned? possibly but not necessarily, it could just be that they’re happy with where it is right now.

Yes and yes.

pyfa automatically rebuilds the db from the SDE/ESI so no.

Gamedata DB data version mismatch: needed 1675961, DB has 1655072
Building gamedata DB…
processing evetypes
processing evegroups
processing evecategories
processing dogmaattributes
processing dogmatypeattributes
processing dynamicitemattributes
processing dogmaeffects
processing dogmatypeeffects
processing dogmaunits
processing marketgroups
processing metagroups
processing clonegrades
processing traits
processing metadata
processing requiredskillsfortypes
finding item replacements
Removing Category: Apparel

So you mean that if CCP introducces a new ship (line), or module type that pyfa does this automatically? You keep being wrong on so many levels.

literally yes.

No, the developers import the changes manually as a JSON file. What you see there is building the database file from that. It never pulls information from the ESI in that process.

They literally have to make a release to incorporate changes to EVE

So what’s this then?

Added “Amulet” as jargon substitution for “Slave”.

or this:

Venture can now use industrial cyno

Ho yes I just checked and the DB update check is made by comparing program DB version to local DB version here
So no actually, Pyfa does not (yet ?) update its data from the ESI.

And it makes sense because the operators are not present in ESI yet.

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Please get help.


I have login issues.
Processing local data…
Connecting to server…

Login failed.
Please try again later.

PS: Ok the app works again

Ok how many is that, there was the vampires, dust, something I forget, and this?

Yep, uninstalled.

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