Eve online app

Is there any app for eve online that I can use to keep track of my characters skills, mail and the game in general?

There was an official EVE app called EVE PORTAL but I think that was recently discontinued.

Not sure if Evanova is still going for Android. Not sure about iOS though.


Not an app but if you can use a browser then https://evemail.fuzzwork.co.uk/ is a minimalist interface third-party EVEmail client so should work for in-game mails. Just a guess though.

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There’s also Neocom II.

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That’s exactly what I was looking for. Thx

Be careful. NeoCom II hasn’t been updated in a few years. The developer hasn’t been heard from in the Facebook group since the political protests in his native Belarus after the last presidential election. I hope he’s well.

The app will not include new skills in your training queue.


EveMon is another one.

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