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Hi all

I am fiddling with my own little project where i would like to authenticate through EVE Online SSO.
From my own domain i redirect to https://login.eveonline.com/oauth/authorize and are presented with the EVE Online login screen for SSO, i type in my username and password click authenticate and than i am presented with a HTTP 400 error code.

URL at http 400 error


HTTP 400 represents a client error, which i am thinking is something trivial but i cannot se where anymore.

The CLIENT_ID value is the value given by CCP from the application manager, which i here have taken out.

Any and all feedback / advice are most welcome.
Thanks in advance

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It should be redirect_uri not redirect_url . Notice the i vs l.

Also that scope does not exist. It would be esi-wallet.read_character_wallet.v1

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Thanks for the reply Blacksmoke16
What is the difference between characterWalletRead and esi-wallet.read_character_wallet.v1?

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characterWalletRead is a scope for CREST, which is deprecated in favor of ESI, of which esi-wallet.read_character_wallet.v1 is for.

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