SSO login URL missing params error

I just started a new app and wanted to get the SSO auth finished. I copied the example URL from the ESI docs and changed out everything I needed to.


The error that is given is:

“error”: “invalid_request”,
“error_description”: “Some parameters are either missing or invalid”

The error is horribly vague and unhelpful, anyone have some insight on where I am going wrong?

try this:


It needs to match the string you’ve given in your application management. So either http:// or https:// is likely missing.

I added that and it still didn’t solve everything but was something I was definitely missing after I checked what I entered into the app management site. The problem was I was using back ticks around the URL formatted like how I posted it. It works for building up HTML elements and removing the new line chars but it wasn’t working for this. I turned it into a one line string with normal quotes and it works now.

Thanks for the reply!

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