phpBB Eve SSO Autentication

Hello everyone! I’m building up my corporation forum and i would like to obtain the authentication using the EveSSO auth.
When i enter in the panel control pf the phpBB forum i have the option to use eve sso authentication to login but something is going wrong, the message i obtain when i test the login is this:

{“error”:“invalid_request”,“error_description”:“The callback URI doesn’t match the value stored for this client”}

I’ve set che the Client ID and the secret that i obtained into the developer page of EVE, the user agent is: phpbb_evesso {link to the forum}
And the callback is set to: https://{forum link}/forum/app.php/authevesso/login

Can someone help me?

As the error says, make sure the callback url you set in your dev application matches what you’re using in the redirect request.

Checked tewice, the call back url Is the One phpBB suggested me

https://{forum link}/forum/app.php/authevesso/login this URL seems strange given there’s a path after the file? Unfortunately there’s not much I can help with given this is all regarding your dev application and how you’re constructing the redirect request.

A troubleshooting step would be to maybe try getting it to work without phpBB, then go from there.

The application is phpBB, and that link is provided directly by phpBB itself as the redirect one. I’ll try to change that but this is very strange! Thanks for the help

You’re right the Url is provided by phpbb. The problem is caused by query parameters in the callback being no longer allowed.
Should be fixed in v1.2.7 see here:

Unfortunately, right now you’ll always end up at the landing page. Will have to implement some other mechanism to memorize the exact page where you left off, probably using the auth state.

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