EVE races are too small

In all honesty the total population for each of the 4 races is extremely tiny for their actual achievements as space faring civilisations.
After colonizing their home system an infant space faring race would exploit it’s resources to the extreme-depleting asteroid belts,excavating entire moons and planets and relocating it’s population to a Dyson swarm cluster around their star while also shoving atleast milions of people into colony ships easily the size of titans and sending them to nearby systems with life suitable planets or planets suitable for terraforming.A Dyson swarm cluster could house and sustain trilions of souls and their food production while of course the star would provide the energy for a disgusting amount of time.
Yet in EVE we don’t have as many people and the empires still fight over basically nothing.
The Amarr didn’t need slave labor-common sense dictates if you advanced enough to travel across the stars you most definitely use automated machines to gather resources and there should be enough resources in a single system to build not thousands but milions of ships.
Instead we have colonies with too few people to exploit their nearby resources and empires who have too little modernization of their core world’s, fleets that are extremely tiny for the extent of the number of stars their empires hold ,way too few stations.Imagine the empires of EVE as butter spread over too much bread.


What is the population of each race?

Tens of trillions speaking roughly.
The assumptions above assume that habitats are self sustaining at new edens tech level.

Actually, the population of highsec should be 60 trillion currently.

The rough population in each empire appears to be a few trilion at best spread over thousands of worlds and space stations.

And habitats should be since stations can have their own hydroponics currently. A single module in say a Dyson cluster would be nearly the size of a small moon depending on how dedicated your civilisation is to making it

Someone needs to go and get access to EVE source.

Also hydroponics are not the only issue, and the existance of hydroponics does not equal self sufficiency.

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I’m basing my statements on what we see and we see way too little

You can house an entire ecosystem in some modules and dedicate it to food production imagine the equivalent of a moon for livestock and farmland current space stations are pathetically small

Go look at what is needed to build a keep star. Now scale it to a moon and remember volume and therefore build materials work to a cubic.
New Edens tech level is simply not where you seem to think it is.

Yet the tech level allows for warp drives,stargates,jump drives ,cloaking,generating wormholes(looking at Sansha) faster than light communication and advanced AI .Also if they built Iapetan titans they can do this too

It’s seriously difficult. I wrote a piece on colonising a single solar system for a game base. No FTL travel but reasonably fast, a couple of weeks between the inner planets or so. Air, water and power are not big problems but food is. Even assuming the output of a single temperate planet could support maybe 100 billion people, managed responsibly. It still requires enormous logistics to keep stations supplied. Somewhere like the New Eden cluster where that logistics infrastructure in place it probably isn’t as big an issue but I think it would be limiting.

But it would make for a huge leap in advancing ones race as you could start dismantling your planet for every resource it has

I would imagine wars helped keep population down

Then there’s the problem that metal is gas permeable over time. maybe not the bigger gasses, but helium and hydrogen will pass through them. you’ll have a small but constant loss. Gravity is a very important thing, for maintaining a biosphere without resupply.

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Here are the actual accurate numbers straight from EVE: Source:

As of YC 114 (current year is YC 121)

Amarr Empire
Estimated population total (not counting slaves): 21.449 Trillion (29%)
Amarr: 15.872 Trillion (74%)
Caldari: 3.860 Trillion (18%)
Gallente: 1.501 Trillion (7%)

Status of Matari within the Empire
Free Minmatar: 214.491 Billion (1%)
Enslaved Minmatar: 10.712 Trillion
Average number of slaves per household: 2.3
Percentage of population actively practicing religion: 98%

Gallente Federation
Estimated population total: 19.991 Trillion (27%)
Gallente: 10.395 Trillion (52%)
Minmatar: 6.997 Trillion (35%)
Caldari: 1.599 Trillion (8%)
Amarr: 999.572 Billion (5%)

Minmatar Republic
Estimated population total: 9.641 Trillion (14%)
Minmatar: 6.556 Trillion (68%)
Gallente: 2.024 Trillion (21%)
Caldari: 867.717 Billion (9%)
Amarr: 192.826 Billion (2%)

Caldari State
Estimated population total: 8.411 Trillion (11%)
Caldari: 7.654 Trillion (91%)
Amarr: 420.596 Billion (5%)
Gallente: 252.358 Billion (3%)
Minmatar: 84.119 Billion (1%)

Note that the listed percentages for each empire only comes up to 81% of the human population of the entire New Eden cluster. Based on that information, the estimated total human population of the New Eden cluster is 73.447 trillion.


Don’t forget about the races that live on the Edge of New Eden and have developed technology to keep the prying eyes of the Capsuleer from finding them. The Edge of New Eden exists past the furthest solar system that is reachable with Jump Gates but still exists within normal space.

The tiny amount of virtual poeple is around 106 (one hundred six) TRILLION people.


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