The Size of the Eve Universe

Has there been any discussion about the layout and size of the universe in Eve and how it fits in with the player base lately? The over all player base isn’t in the high 40s and 50s like it used to be. After reviewing the last economic reports it seems like there is too much dead space with no activity at all.

Just from a personal standpoint there are a lot of times the game feels completely void of a playerbase unless you stick to the main hubs of activity.

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There are on average about 33,000 players logged in at the same time daily. There are over 5,000 systems. That’s just a little over 6 players per system.

Which I am personally enjoying because I get to mine in peace and have entire belts all to myself in a high sec system that usually only has about 8 players going through it per day.

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Well, I definitely don’t want New Eden to get any bigger without a dramatic increase in player population. Unfortunately, I don’t think that there is any way to reduce the number of systems without thoroughly pissing someone off.

That’s why I propose we delete Delve.

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Man, I need to drink coffee first.

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Accounts. Take out from number alts, bots etc.

Half of the systems are dead because there is no reason to be there (see, lowsec) and game mechanics actually encourage grouping masses in one place.
Number of players is issue. But more players wont change much if they can’t or don’t have reason to break from bigger groups.

That’s going to change in the future, at least where possible. N+1 will, of course, remain, because that’s not actually fixable. What they can do, though, is encourage alternatives. Considering that the “let’s milk the idiots in nullsec from their real life money” era seems to be over, you can rest assured that the emphasis on “big groups” is going to diminish over the course of this year.

Not only that, having small groups provides a better outlook for growth, as long as there’s not too much wealth and that is something CCP is taking care of right now.

New Eden is too big… New Eden is too small… lol… posts all over saying they should make it bigger and smaller. Best to just leave it the same and add topography/meaningful reasons to take/hold areas.


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