Eve tonight

Right now there are 19,166 players online. That means there are 3.7 players for every system. If you add in wormholes the number drops to roughly 2 players per system.

If you drop corn off the side of a building it’s hard pour corn.

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do you count ppl in abyss pocket?
so less ppl in system

Most of them are bots

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This stuff is a scam.

He says he will double the player numbers if CCP pays him a nice amount of RL money. :wink:

Half of them are doing trade scams in Jita …

Keep in mind that the vast majority of systems don’t have anyone in them.

I have often thought that some sort of small FOB with cloaking would be a good thing to have. If the player is using it, then it can be probed down, once he leaves it then it takes sixty seconds for the cloak to engage. This would be a good way to develop people ninja ratting in those deep null systems.

Posting in another EVE hard pour corn thread…

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I once made my own absinthe. No weed in it though.

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