Did population increase after black out ended?


Has there been signs of the blackout ending increasing concurrent players?
I’ve looked a few times and doesn’t seem to have changed much, Im assuming some allowance for bots and multi accounting.

I know its a bit early, just wondered :slight_smile:

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Try checking nine or ten months after blackout started.

What? The krabs had to do something with their free time.

Yes the numbers are up about 2000 at peak times.

As to how many of those 2000 pay cash, who knows.

The markets in EvE however have already started to factor in the increased mineral production and prices are starting to fall already.


Ah. I suspect you may be one of the surprisingly large number of EvE players (or did you quit, sorry not up on your current situation) who misunderstands how CCP gets real money from players PLEXing.

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I’ve mostly seen people subscribe again for the blackout, I imagine we’ll lose them now that that’s ended…

So the better question is not whether there was an increase/decrease in total players but whether there’s a spike in new subs/unsubs/both.


I’m letting my sub lapse, its back to everything docking up the second you enter local and then dying to a blob. The game cant survive like this. It wont be worth playing very soon either.


We can’t reach 10,000 posts in the 2nd blackout thread, if folks keep making new ones.


I spent 3 hours alone in my system except for a few transients and one explorer last night. Hope server population returns to “normal”.

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It looks closer to 1k - 1.5k. The damage done to CCP - who knows.

I should care because?

going on record to say the pop will gradually start to increase again.


Looking at the actual numbers of time, there’s no discernible difference between today and last week.

Yeah, after a mere 12 hours all of the answers in the Universe have become clear… FFS!


You’ll know better in a month or so.

i read that in a months time eve normally has an annual increase in population anyway.

The reason i asked so early is when I’ve seen big changes in other games (black desert comes to mind) the first few days seem to be a indicator of the effects to come.

Thats right. I believe blackout forced non-botting population from null sec to stop playing. Bots use log viewer to be notified, that some, even cloaked ship, initiating warp on them so they were not bothered bu blackout at all. But real null dwellers quit. Now, after blackout ended, some of them returned, but those numbers are low and can not compensate all those PVP hungry folks, who quit because of chat intel is back in null.

Actually I really do not understand, why chat is working if concord does not interfere in null, I believe you need to have properly upgraded IHUB to have local chat in system. And pay ISK, many ISK for the intel. NPC null must stay chat free, IMHO.

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Honestly. My trust in CCP was shaken with these abrupt and reaching changes to what many considered a rather core part of the game. In the last two months I’ve found myself enjoying some long lost favorites and some new games to boot that won’t require such a heavy investment to play or consume so much of my time.


He really has nothing except his jealousy of krabs.

Hence his wanting to turn High Sec in krabland.

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so ya know it’s too early to ask but asked anyway :eyes: :rofl:

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If you read a bit further down

“The reason i asked so early is when I’ve seen big changes in other games (black desert comes to mind) the first few days seem to be a indicator of the effects to come.”

EVE is not black desert. that’s a pretty good place to start.
this watching how many are logged in at the launcher thing, do you look at the launcher and think if it’s not over xxxxx logged in i’m not logging in neither or something?

it’s not like oh no, the server pop is way down, time to jump server, it doesn’t work like that.

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