The Blackout and the players

Hello everyone,

I am writing today to give my opinion on the current Blackout, and its effect on EVE Online.
First, why the Blackout and the invasion of Drifters? I think everyone knows, but we need to keep inflation in the game, and therefore lose ISKs / decrease the gross creation of ISKs, whose bots are for many. And in my opinion, the Blackout partly serves that.
However, there are many other ways to do it rather than prevent a lot of the game from playing. But I’ll talk about it later.

Then, the effects of the blackout on EVE Online? It’s simple … A wave of massive churn is coming for many players, see a final stop of the game against all these changes that can be described as “anti-casuals”.

But, what are my ideas for fighting inflation, you say? Here are some tracks:
–> Increase taxes: it’s simple, but effective. Trade taxes, planetary interaction etc …
–> Tax the great powers: especially when recruiting members based on the number of members in the corporation / alliance. Recruitment = a tax.
–> Power pay in ISKs to raise his standings / security status. But beware, not a small sum, a real sum.
–> Pay ISKs to raise a skill level : when your skill is on to lvl up after skill like 3/4 days, you have to pay ISK to reach this lvl up. I don’t want to pay ISK for gain skills points, that’s the role of skill injector
–> Players who are concordoken could also pay the price of the intervention at Concord.
–> Decrease loot fairy.
–> Increase the cost of production: taxes, minerals needed for example.

These are just ideas, but put together, they could have a real impact on the game economy.

Thus, a permanent Blackout could be avoided. But why not put it randomly, coupled with the Drifters invasion in one or two regions on the same system as Sanshas? Or to make sure that there is a Blackout 2 days a week, weekend excluded to avoid the more casual of us not being able to play in Null-sec …

Thanks for reading me
Fly safe o/

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