A couple of questions related to Blackout

Now that Blackout runs for some time already, I’d like to ask the Eve players about a couple of things that left me wondering a bit for some time(a couple of years already, tbh).

  1. Do you regard hammering of the D-Scan button every couple of seconds(for half an hour or longer) good/enjoyable gameplay? Let’s assume no rule-breaking automation is involved.
  2. The argument against automatic D-Scan for everyone was always that it will kill the servers. But when everybody has to spam it anyways, what’s the point about it staying manual?
  3. If no local is so awesome, why aren’t there more people in wormhole space? At least not in the lower class ones with exits to high and low sec?
  4. With the Blockout now running, do you consider cloaky ships balanced in terms of somewhat even chances between the hunter and the hunted? Let’s assume same ships size/class.
  5. Do you consider pay EvE “pay to win”? What about a player with a single account in a single ship having to fight off another, but with 5+ accounts and as many ships. Let’s say 1 “dps” ships vs 3 (potentially cloaky) dps ships with 1 logi and 1 ewar. Not pay to win? And if you bring 3-4 buddies with as many ships, but the multi-account guy also has his 3-4 buddies with 5 ships each, still not pay to win?

This is not a feedback thread on my behalf, as I am a fairly inactive Alpha right now. I’m just asking some questions I wanted to ask for some time. With no drama, no “I quit”, no “Unsubscribed my 20 accounts” - just some straightforward opinions pls.

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