Less Star systems in game please

Eve needs less solar systems in game. Especially with the recent player declines… everyone is spread too thin. There are honestly many systems to where you are the only soul there, and you wont see another player at all for many days at a time, and even the same thing for adjacent systems.

AND YES one “could” play as some anti-social solo. of enjoying their own carved out desolate niche in space… buts whats the fun in that? ITS AN MMORPG.

We need more player driven content and player interaction. These endless thousands and thousands of star systems makes players feel lonely and makes the game seem empty.

Thank you for hearing what I have to say and i look forward to anyone else’s opinion. :slight_smile:

UPDATE: Hello all, thank you everyone for the Likes and taking time to reply.

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We could probably just get away with 6 systems and 0.0 rules for them. All players would be happy then.

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Frostpacker has confidence that New Eden has perfect calibration with the number of Star Systems.

Your overconfidence in size is just an Illusory superiority effect.

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There are plenty of crowded systems, for people who want that.


MMORPG does not mean that I have to play and interact with other people all the time. It means that it provides the potential to do so. Nothing more, nothing less.

Before you die of self-inflicted asphyxiation due to reee breath stopping, watch this and educate yourself on what it really means to play an MMO(RPG).


many days at a time…
Doubt. Seriously doubt.

Where are those fantom empty systems of yours? Null? That’s no wonder.

Not this dumb stuff again.


Dont judge other’s playstyle.


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As areas of New Eden becomes less populated (temporarily) we will see an increase in people venturing out to these ‘dead systems’ in search of riches. And again? We go back to OG Eve, as small gang Pirates will start to once again form up.



Go play Starbourne!

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Space isn’t crowded, it’s vast and infinite which is why it’s called the void. Getting rid of systems in game will only turn this game into a fish bowl and destroy immersion.


If you’re scared of being alone, just stay in Jita :smiley:

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Never even been to every system yet. Even in Highsec there are many systems I had never been. So many pipes to travel though.

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Do you even undock?

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Well, I think we need more systems cause I like vast stretches of empty space.


Yes, I undock when there is a reason to undock.

Hello all, thank you everyone for the Likes and taking time to reply.

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Great ! Such systems are excellent for mining and for doing PvE without anyone butting in.



If they were bots, they would communicate in ones and zeros. Actually, they speak Chinese!