Massive Expansion of known solar systems?

a GM refered me here after a brief email conversation about an idea i had. i wanted to know what yall think of it.

There is a game called “No Man’s Sky” that has 18 quintillion planets that is made possible with a process called procedural generation.

The very idea of this is mind boggling.

But what if the Eve universe had something of comparable scale? Maybe 1 million more solar systems? 10 million? A billion? What if Eve online, the best mmo sandbox space game evarrrr could offer near limitless conquerable space with progressively hazardous sleapers?

Sure 50 thousand systems is A LOT of stars with even more planets making them up, but what would happen to the game if the size of the sandbox suddenly multiplied? What if we thought outside of the sandbox and opened up a sand world?


null sec mega corps would “gobble up” either more sov than they could afford or the “correct” amount of sov, or do nothing, or move.

Care bares would try and find a system in the middle of nowhere and make it their secret base.

Jump freighter prices would go up.

Information espionage of things as simple as location would become a new sub-profession.

Or you could look at world history when the Americas were discovered.

I just think this is a cool concept and I think it would be fun to be able to fly around in eve knowing that you may be the first person to have ever been to that solar system.

Furthermore I dream that one day a corp can manufacture their own computer controlled police that protect corp mates in a system from rats, intruders in the system who do not have the proper clearance and other things. I feel like one of the first things that I would do if I were an immortal clone would be to make little robot servants to carry out some of the more tedious work for me.


Is there even the slightest chance that eve online may have a future expansion that adds several more solar systems to the universe?


People would just move apart from each other. You’d end up with no interaction other than boring cooperative play.

Basically, this would be the end of PVP in a PVP game.


You understand that you compared a single player game with a multiplayer one.A bad single player with piss poor reputation on top of everything else as well (the only respect No Mans Sky gets from me is the fact the devs didn’t just run away and are still working on it, but the damage has been done)

The bigger the universe the more split people will want to be for their own personal space, its just like Chocolate Pickle said. Because you got so much space you will hardly encounter anyone.

Also, manufacture own police? Why not assigned players as scouts or something? Have the corp ask for help when trouble arrives and the players assigned as guards or whatever go to help ASAP. Clearing Rats is also a terrible idea since it is a form of acquiring Isk, you pretty much want to spend Isk on something to nullify a way of gaining Isk, well done. Oh what’s that? Take care of tedious work for you? Golly, I never thought that going through 100 systems completely alone was not tedious enough, let alone the distance you have now to go to Jita. NO TO BOTS, if you are lazy just stop playing cause this idea is definitely not for the lazy.

And no, it won’t happen, EvE will remain the size it has right now unless CCP gets their act together and start fixing the most important issues in the game, I keep seeing people complain and CCP needs to listen to the people. Playerbase won’t grow if people keep complaining. And when I say people complain I don’t mean the entitled Alphas that want more, I mean the actual game issues.


Eve is relic of past times best to look at it as closed box or maze with rats inside the less space more action,it have choke points,camps, gank pipes.

Controlled space rather than free one,ppl regularly demand for eve universe to become even smaller,New games do not suffer from this and PvP is very much present as well.

Massive changes need to happen to mentality,engine and gameplay for something like this to happen so I’m going with…never.

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People would move apart, sure. But only those who WANT to move apart. People looking for PvP would definitely find each other, for sure. Especially around tradehubs.

Travel times would put a natural limit on how far people would move. The want to be left alone and still have a trade hub in reach would balance out - the lynchpin would be how far one would go to avoid being ganked, literally…

I’m pretty sure Nullsec territorial disputes wouldn’t vanish from one day to the next because of alliances completely moving shop to even further regions. Some wouldn’t even want to.

And on the other hand even the most carebearish player wouldn’t be able to feel completely safe, regardless how many jumps he got away from empire space. Because there’ll always be gankers who wouldn’t mind going the same lengths.

Add in the map showing the activity in systems and people may still find each other.

But, as it’s already said here, the chance of such a deep-seated change in the game universe to happen is about nil. The last expansion with the wormholes is already mapped and completely played out, too.


The difference between No Man’s Sky and EVE, is for the most part, playing EVE solo sucks.

Not for everyone. There are some people that like not interacting with others, however CCP research has shown that isolating people from the sandbox (and interaction with others) generally leads to less chance of retaining players.

So for the last few years, CCP has focused on finding ways to increase interaction.

Procedural generation sounds great, but it would make EVE extremely lonely and boring. The opposite of what most people in the community find engaging.

Just my 0.02


eve is already underpopulated, making more space would make it harder to find people to shoot, and even more boring. NMS gets boring once your maxed ship since everything is then the same while heading to the middle. and it takes far too long.
ive got few hundred hours in it and have not run into a single other person

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There are already times in EvE, especially null sec, where you can travel for ages without meeting anyone. I would rather see more null, low sec system and less high sec using the number of systems there are already


Sandbox games are as interesting as the player base interacting with it. I have played many a single player edition sandbox game and ended up putting it back into the shelf after a couple of months. If we expand this game then it will become as it was back in 2003. You could sit all alone in a system for weeks without ever seeing another player. You do not need to leave a system in this game to survive and that is exactly what will make it monotonous fairly quickly. Interaction is what keeps a game interesting.

While we are on the vision bandwagon. If i could change something in the line of systems etc. then i would make eve one huge single Wormhole solar system. The Map size it has now without any gates, local etc. Sovereignty would not be about controlling systems it would be about controlling certain resources and moons. It would need the size it has now and instead of having jump fatigue we could have warp fatigue…

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a similar idea crossed my mind the thought of expanding space.

so far i found following concepts:

more systems perhaps another cluster in the eve galaxy. pros they could play it as exploration game where stable wormholes had to be found to stabilize them to stable gateways.
they could even add some kind of ancient technology that runs on a rare material. with logs of doom and one had to find this mineral to move through the cluster. it can eventually can be found in relics or something called star mining.
(star mining collects crystallic plasma, crystallic plasma can be refined to either a gaseous component, a liquid component, a solid crystal component, a plasmoid component, and if letting it sedate as metallic hydrogen liquid helium isotopes)
a lot of technological miracles on the way (solar extractorsriches, fleets of sleeper/drifter ships being wasted, the arbitrary jove wreck)
riches in form of artifact items and technological bpos that can be only fused together with help of this material. and to do the fusing one needs to establish a special module at a citadel.
the whold cluster is a dungeon to explore and settle.

pro sound like it could bring some refreshing stuff
contra: wow does it this way, ccp is not the size of blizzard.

another approach is to say there are systems in the cluster some additional 1000 uncivilized brown dwarfs. they can not be connected with gates yet the player get a 10k au drive that requires fuel. each solar system gets a 100 au radius in which the drive does not work. player can warp to post 100. for one he can find planetoids there and eventual far away ice giants.(astronomy looks for one currently)
well can as he has to work in a different navigation mode he has to scan directional and read gravitation sources from a curve - a bit like the current project discovery - he can then try to log onto this readings. if succesfull a warp tunnel opens and warp speed is half distance (max 10k) au/s.
if he finds a system he warps to it and lands at 105 au range from there he can warp to the star, one thing he has to do is scan down everything from planet to moon to belt.
so anything out there or is it empty lands… oh drones were a bit faster. and drones log onto the layer and they follow him around even home and stampede into the system and there are exploder drones that attach to ships and detonate and the whole back in known space with drones on the back looks like matrix zion just got entered by machines situation.
the next possibility that can happen is a sansha is in town situation it ends similar as above just sansha style.
so besides bad weather what can the player find besides this:
for one the planetoids in the zone further than 100 au from a known system can be broken into frozen roids being a mix of ice and ore. second no concord thats why its beyond the red line.
the new solar system can be cleaned out they have a hostility index and if cleared be settled yet need to be kept clean.

pro ccp could procedural generate contend that exists in a semi space. the frozen roid may cry for new mining equipment plus a planetoid bore.
contra: i reckon that also fiunny sounding the best this terribad idea can do is amuse.

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Population in Eve is clustered - 75% live in highsec, most of them within a few jumps of a trade hub. In Nullsec you have a few populated areas but it’s mostly empty space. There are 2 regions - former Jove Empire space - that are not connected. CCP could add roughly 100 systems simply by making those regions accessible. If we do get new space I hope it has different rules. It would be frustrating if it simply became part of an existing Null coalition rental empire!


Eve itself is still kind of big for the population it has.

The last time Eve expanded was the addition of Black Rise region when they introduced Faction Warfare and when they introduced wormholes that connected to W-space.

While Black Rise do see activity since it is connected to FW, most of W-space is still empty other than the best holes.

If Eve were to expand further, addition of more W-space is better. It adds more mystery and has the exploration feeling of it.

Making Eve expand bigger just make the population more far from each other. This will make the universe look boring.

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There’s already huge areas of unoccupied space.

Kinda feel bad for you that the GM sent you here with this idea rather than letting you down gently themselves.

well ccp might do it again one day - someone somewhere on the internet said they go for colonisation one day in the future.
i don’t think so yet with ed and sc on the horizon it might be something they may consider in this case we can offer a wishlist.

oh and why is this thread not in ideas?

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That will more than likely be the next major expansion for Eve. The initial groundwork for lore has already been done. The Jove haven’t been seen or heard from for a long time, the explosion of Caroline’s Star and the Jove Stargate Network going offline, the emergence of NPC Sleepers, etc.

As for accessing that sector of space, CCP did say they were looking into adding Player made Stargates to the game.

Course we all know it takes time for CCP to complete their plans. Basically they’ve already said it’s in the works, the only question left is when? This CCP graph shows the different stages and gameplay content that needs to be completed first before new solar systems are available for capsuleer colonization.

Its gonna be like @ Alaska, 1 human per 2.5k km2.

Hello? Hellooo?!

We will probably get “medium” stargates as a replacement for jump bridges this year. I suspect they were preempted by Structures 2.0 but removing POS is still a priority. Presumably these, and the old POS jump bridges for that matter, could connect us to new space if it was in range and we had some way to get there to build the jump bridge.

A classic “chicken or egg” problem except New Eden has wormholes and SoCT are presumably custodians of the Jovian wormhole drive technology documented in the Inheritance chronicle. Getting there will be possible.

So, will the new player built stargates be private like jump bridges or public - accessible to all like existing gates? If private, will the major power blocs be able to turn the “new space” into their private fiefdom?

We live in interesting times.

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I think Player Made Stargates will be accessible to all but set up sorta like POCO’s with a Toll / Service fee assigned to it.

POCOs can be set to private corp only, corp + alliance or public

In my experience, all player built srtuctures are private unless specifically set public. Private gates will allow private space - except for random wormholes.

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I said it’ll probably operate SORTA like POCO’s.

I highly doubt CCP would allow it to be private use only, that basically cut’s everybody else out from engaging in the new content. That fact alone could be viewed as an exploit.

It’ll probably be set up to give Corp / Alliance members free access while everybody else has to pay toll fees. Over time the Corp / Alliance would eventually get their initial ISK investment back and then afterwards just gain pure profit from it.