EVE related Illustrations

  • Hi everyone, I’m a professional concept artist/illustrator.

I want to raise some ISK for my station trading endeavors and so I thought some of you may need my services for your corporation websites and propaganda. I’m trying to add some Sci-Fi to my portfolio anyway so that’s a win-win for me. (also, posting here might raise the chance CCP hires me for something :wink: )

I’ve already done some stuff for Matterall from Talking in Stations, here they are:

Those are samples of the kind of thing I can do, they are still rough and painterly but more than that and I should not be accepting in ISK, hahah. :sweat_smile:

Since it’s fun for me and we are quarantined I think each simple scene can go from 3,5b and up, depending on the complexity of the subject.

Anyway, if you like it you can contact me here or by the in-game mail for this character. And I probably won’t be doing that for too long so if you want it, try contacting me as soon as possible.


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