Eve Survival down/done?

I’m getting error 502


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504 Gateway Timeout

Try this link…



If its down, a replacement is the eve wiki for missions.

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EVE Survival has had some hosting issues over the past 5 or 6 years. I suppose lots of people use it but few support it.

Because it’s such a great resource, various people have backed it up or made a copy of it ‘just in case’. DeMichaels’ link above is a good example.

You can also just google “Eve Online mission ‘name’ level ‘X’” and you’ll find other sources of info on it (or copies of Eve Survival info) if the original site is down.

Keep in mind: support the work and providers you make use of. Or they go away.


Looks like its back up.

If only there was some kind of forum where information about the game could be posted rather than using 3rd party sites.

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