EVE: The Second Decade Collector's Edition

What in hand instead of just pixels

It’s the box with all the accessories and like new.


They are still available on Amazon for used 170 euros or new 250 euros.

I would consider them used because the codes are NOT included.
170 € would be 1x Plex package for 99 € (2860 Plexes)
1x Plex for 39.99 € (1100 Plexes)
1x Plex package for 19.99 € (500 Plexes)
and 1x Plex for € 9.99 (240 Plexes)

Which would then be 4700 plexes aka 12 billion ISK.

Could you sell something like that here too - or would you prefer it for real hard money?

And is the price reasonable or is it much higher or at all 0 ISK?

Kind regards and stay healthy

Forum rules state that you van only sell ingame items or services (like logo Creation)

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