20th collector's edtion - plex gift


I bought the 20th collector’s edtion pack. When will we get info about the Plex gift to customers who spent more than the initial price on the item ?

See the blog post below:

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I made a post about the date pf September tenth, I saw it was recently still up for sale and I purchased it but it says the sale should have ended. Will I still get what I purchased or did I miss out on the event?

@Lefki_Apethantos_Kataktisi if the order website is closed, then you may have missed the window to order. They had re-opened it temporarily during fanfest, would contact support to check.

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Its almost a month and nothing happened yet. Is there anything going to happen very soon or do we have to contact the support in order to get our Plex?


Contact support, always do that for any Eve related issue…

Yeah, I was wondering the same. Did you contact support ?

So I got a mail telling me how many PLEX I would get based on CCP’s own table when you spendt more than the $174.99. But the amount is wrong and CCP is not responding to my support ticket.
Did anyone else get a wrong amount of PLEX ?