Boundles at CCP store

Not an important question but i was wondering if someone knows if the -50% offer for the boundles is gonna come back soon

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Since it makes CCP money, there’s a good chance it’ll be back soon.

Just remember to keep watching for advertisements and regularly check the NES.

Independent of CCP, does anyone actually do this? Usually, when bundles and discounts end, they’re not going to be repeated soon. At least not with the same items. It would cause a rather weird impression doing so. All of those who wanted it, who missed the sale and bought it at the higher price, would be quite pissed off and not going to buy anything again.

What you can try is filing a support ticket. CCP support is known for “stretching” the sales by a day or two if someone asks nicely. Works for PLEX deals. So you might want to ask support if they’d be willing to refund you some of the PLEX when you buy your bundle, and when they agree, then you’re good to go.

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