CCP Bulk Plex Discount?

Let’s say, theoretically, that someone decides they want to buy $25,000 in PLEX. What are the odds CCP could set them up with a decent discount? Wink wink nudge nudge

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What are the odds that someone not a reseller would have both the lack of intellect and 25k to spare.

Mega-rich retards are not all that common.

Odds are comfortably 100%, can personally guarantee.

Damn, did you miss the end of year 2018 plex discounts and the injectors that removed the penalties?

Ps: I quit “skilljecting” . Untill next discount probably… :smiling_imp:

Ps2: Check out oficial reseller Marquee Dragon. He has some good offers and great detail on the packs he sells.

To answer your question. Yes afaik ccp does offer even larger “bonuses” (They stopped calling it discounts but it’s the same thing) for larger bulk orders. But you need to contact them through a support ticket for it. I think they even used to have an option on the purchase plex page but that may have been removed.

the problem with buying that amount of plex and selling it in a fast pace is that you will crash the plex price and devalue your own plex its better to sell a little at a time.

Maybe he just wants to go on a NES shopping spree.

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