Ccp plex pack scam

So normally when you buy things in bulk the price per unit is cheaper the more you buy, the cost per unit decreases proportionately. The price of the plex packs has bugged me for a while so I worked out the price per unit without the free plex and it’s not in the right order but if you work out the cost and include the free plex it is in the correct order. So basically there is no free plex.
How is that even legal?


Huh? In USD, 1 PLEX is $0.22 based on the base pack. That scales with all of the other packages (i.e. 220 for $10 USD), then you get additional PLEX on top of it for the larger packages.

You do get a bulk discount for buying the larger packages.

Normally when consumers buy stuff, the price pretty much stays the same. If I buy 10 cartons of milk, I still pay the same per unit for all 10, as if I purchased 1.

There’s far more things that consumers buy at no bulk discount than are purchased with a bulk discount.

That said, the price of PLEX per unit is fairly constant across all of the packs (not including the “FREE” component

PLEX 110 220 440 880 2200
Price 4.99 9.99 19.99 39.99 99.99
Per Unit $0.045 $0.045 $0.045 $0.045 $0.045

When the “FREE” PLEX is factored in, then there is a discount

Bonus 20 50 220 660
Total PLEX 110 240 490 1100 2860
Price Per Unit $0.045 $0.042 $0.041 $0.036 $0.035

So it’s either same price + a bonus, or a discounted price given that “FREE” isn’t free at all. We still pay for it.

Either way, it’s just marketing

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OP lucky day for you because I can sell you prime quality tin foil hats for only 500 PLEX :credit_card: each so you can protect yourself from the evil mind rays CCP uses to manipulate you into buying into their scam. Buy one for each of your characters… or even several, better safe than sorry. :wink:


So first you post this on r/Eve and get laughed at and then you decide to try your luck here?


Where is the scam? Did you actually calculate?



What is even worse, sometimes they even have queues. How can it be fast food if you have to wait in a queue! Wake up sheeple!

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And don’t even get me started on instant rice!


If you are feeling pedantic, there is one thing that is technically a scam. Bethesda got in some trouble for it last winter.

New PLEX has never been on sale without the “bonus”. So there is no bonus. It’s just CCP/PA saying it’s a bonus. Bethesda was selling stuff they’d never sold before at a “discount”. But, like new PLEX, if it had never been sold before then the discount was a lie.

You need to have something sold at a regular price before you can legitimately add a bonus or a discount. If you have a trial lawyer friend who loves wasting years doing pro bono class action suits, you could cost CCP/PA a good chuck of change. Or at least have them hand out a few bazillion new PLEX or SP in compensation.

Please go back to Minecraft…

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That’s ■■■■■■■ hilarious! :smiley:
It’s absolutely scary how stupid these guys are.

Don’t worry… many first time posters on the forums are completely wrong.

Yours is just funnier than most. I am going to assume math is not one of your strong points.


Hes just angry that he cant get plex for cheap when theyre selling at such high prices right now in-game. He wants to drum up controversy/player outrage and hopes that we are bad at math too.

I think you’re being too optimistic about the OP’s capabilities and thought processes. Kinda like an inverted & projected Dunning-Kruger.

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:slight_smile: I lolled


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Thats 2 completely different situations.
PLEX price for base package is stable outside of sales/discounts, just CCP offers some bonuses to larger packages to make them lucrative like many other stores/companies do with bundles: buy X and get something for “free”. That is legal.

Bethesda released limited time festive thingies and put them in the store at “-50% discount” to artificially create a feeling of urgency. That is a scam. Those festive thingies never cost their full price.

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That is because the “free” is just a marketing trick, to think you buy something for less than it was available earlier. But it wasnt.

Only when CCP first converted PLEX and then made that smaller packages offer, it was initially with that “FREE” trick, from beginning. Its like when shop gives you price that is unchanged, but they strap -30% sign on it with a crossedout price that shows it was earlier 30% more expensive, but it wasnt.

So its not a scam, its a trick to fool those who dont know how it works and why it was made so.