48 hour starter pack sale hoax

Hello capsuleers.

I was just wondering why on the site when you buy a gold starter pack you get 500 plex but if you buy it in the nes store you dont get 500 plex.

Why is it different? Same pack different content. Why make a discount when you remove items? Then its not a discount anymore.

You save 15 euro when you buy via nes store but you lose 500 plex wich is even worth 18 euro. So its not even a deal its actually more expensive.

Anyone knows how this works?

With regards, Jane Sovereign.

Perhaps because buying PLEX with PLEX is kinda weird?
Also you have to show how you calculated your EUR/PLEX ratio. Different offers, different prices.

I have to show how its calculated? Im pretty sure Im able to make that choice on my own k thx.

Do the math yourself or ill charge you.

Now the starter packs are advertised as if in sale but they are normal price. Now its even more ridicuous.

19.99 + 9.99 for silver and bronze pack = 29.98
1000 plex to pay 650 plex for silver 350 for bronze = 36.99 but oh wait you get 1 useless skin LOL

Have to pay 7 euro for 1 skin so where is the discount?

Let me do some maths for you:
Right now 20’000 PLEX cost 487,49 EUR (until midnight in Iceland), so 500 PLEX are 12,19 EUR
Or you purchase the smallest pack, which is 100 PLEX for 4,99 EUR, which makes 24,95 EUR for 500 PLEX.
That’s a pretty range, I’d say, and that’s why I ask. So are you curious or just furious? Then happy ranting, if that makes you feel better.


You are an eve gm or something? Who in its right mind would spend 487,49 euro to try and play a game again.

Call me furious sure, atleast im not a idiot.

They gave calculations for both small and large purchases and asked what you chose as your rate of PLEX to EUR. We the readers cannot read your mind, yet you attack them for a portion of their post.


Actually CCP says the additional PLEX are for free, so their official price in EURO is 24.99 EUR/500 PLEX.

They’re probably just a regular EVE player with decent maths skills. You, on the other hand, need to chill. You’ve been nothing but hostile when people are trying to explain this to you.

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