Navy Capsuleer Starter Pack - Jita Scam?!?

The contents of that pack for $4.99 is literally no different than a Jita scam. Shame on you CCP

I agree. What do you think would be fair? $1.99? I haven’t calculated the value of it to see, but I know it’s really low. I mean, at least give meta modules ccplease, the poor newbies need you

Blahhhh come on it’s five bucks

Though without the PLEX I’d say that should be a free pack.

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Like, it says skins, but it’s literally one skin. In ask value per Plex, it’s like literally the value of one Plex. All the other stuff, is like one Plex.

Marketing couldve been better as to what frigates, modules, blueprints or skins. But its really limited compared to the old starter packs imo and less impressive. Though I do understand why CCP merged the racials into one pack.

Id just say more clarity and a bit more bang for the buck as a starter pack. Though too much and there would have to be a limit on who can apply or get the pack as the 4.99 price tag for 110 plex is the same as the cheapest plex offer.

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A scam. Really.

Have you looked at the price for the 110 plex pack? Go take a look now. I’ll wait.


I did get this offer from CCP and because of the offer of 110 Plex and only € 5,00 I thought i take the gamble.
I did get 2 punishers, 2 kador skins, some minerals 2 crystals, 2 crusaders barets it was disappointing.

they could have done better it is like CCP value new customers not anymore the same with the 12 month subscription no gifts at all as welcome.

And a blueprint for a storyline weapon upgrade, iirc.


Ah, sweet summer salt… it falls like rain.

You are buying 110 plex for the standard price, and getting some additional in game items. It’s actually better than just buying the 110 Plex outright.

You get the ships, the skins, the story line weapon upgrade blue print, ammo, guns, cosmetics. They have similar ‘Packs’ for Explorers and Industrialists iirc that are also decent.


Well… What did they say? “When CCP starts add stuff off this air…”?
Now you can buy stuff straight from CCP. Not in form of PLEX you sell to market, get ISK and buy stuff. But they spawn ships and modules for your RL money.

Nice nice… :sunglasses:

Now we just wait for them to put real stuff into these packages and not some t1 stuff. For some reason i believe that players will accept it and even defend.

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Go ahead. Start making a profit off all those tasty t1 ships.


I’ve purchased a ton of “$5 noob packs” for random games. This is the absolute worst I’ve ever seen. It gives you the same as a normal pack, the value of the other stuff is laughable. It doesn’t even add up to 1 plex. So they pretty much marketed to add another option that is 110.5 plex for $5

Honestly they could have made it hand out a pair of Navy Issue combat frigates appropriate to race with a pair of meta-3 turrets for both ships. And then the rest of the stuff t1 as usual to be upgraded from. And at ~3 mil ISK per plex a pair of navy issue with a meta-3 gun rack is going to be about 11 plex worth of value. Which oddly enough would be a 10% bonus value.

^ This guy is right, pretty soon it will be a boxed machariel for $20.

These are the old racial packs just reskinned as the extra 20 days trial time and the accelerator and aurum was taken out as they were no longer needed due to Alpha status.

This isnt stuff for money any more than those were. The old packs were quite useful though so its a bit of a disappointment to see these packs be so meh. But what we lose in packs quite frankly we have gained and then some with the Alpha status, skills and server access.

that’s a scam too lol

and a partridge in a pear treeee

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