Ccp plex pack scam

Large costs more than medium that costs more than small… even if you get unlimited free refills for any of them, so their sizes don’t matter… :thinking:

Wait, what? People get unlimited free refills? I know this is a thing for coffee, at least according to pretty much every movie in every “diner” (or what they’re called), but for sugarpoison drinks too?

The sizes still matter, though, otherwise this wouldn’t be a thing.

Yep…this is (sadly) a thing…works at most places that have their drink fountain open to the public such as fast food places and convenience stores.

We are a bit of a gross species…

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Perhaps in countries with unbridled consumption and obesity. In normal countries it’s not the case :slight_smile:

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Runa was obviously talking about the US of A, because that was the context.
You know who else has free refills?


Canucks are just as bad… :slight_smile:

What’s the difference between the two exactly ?

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