Eve Troll Thread


This is a thread where players can discuss anything and everything about Eve, in Troll or Gnome fashion.

So, Trolls are arrogant self-entitled, spoilt pranksters, and Gnomes are…well…basically…a more gentle, sophisticated version.

Are you a Gnome or a Troll?

This is a thread where players can let off steam and whatever’s on their mind (and not feel judged)…

Welcome to the Eve Troll Thread.

CCP: please do not delete

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So yeah, basically my biggest contention with Eve is that I haven’t been able to log in for the past 2-3 months because of my laptop.

Anyone miss me?

When I eventually get to return to Eve, I plan to try out some high-sec mining again, and see if the passion or interest for the hobby has returned. I kind of fell out of love with it a while ago, but I would like to get it back. It used to be so relaxing.

Mining veldspar is extremely therapeutic - lol.

I have 2 omega accounts currently: my main which is this character, and another (Heather Steel) which is a 100% mining and reprocessing skills alt.

So being on the forums makes me feel like I’m not missing the game too much.

signed: Troll


Can I be a Dwemer? An old, extinct, being, belonging to an older and more sophisticated version of the world, who’s ruins litter the current world of New Eden in an almost mocking fashion.

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You can be whatever you like here.

ushhuth azxploratiobag ilhanguth gubag ushhuth dugenczag guakun ushhuth shrakesakum ushhinor azveum.

Use this:


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duguth asheizz hakocation?

old enough, yes and anywhere you like.


Gorotu ashmelrag hakikuth dusakun

In before lock?

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Oh look, Natocha Daisy is attention seeking YET AGAIN…what a shocker!

(psst. am I doing this right?)

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How am I attention seeking?

dutty gyal.

Oh look…

it’s the stupidest girl on the forum.

Finally make a post that fits your brain cells?


How dare you!

Clearly there are more that are the more stupidest.

I wonder who that could be

I’ll be sure to go looking
to see if you are paying attention
to the swarm of catalysts
heading your way. :skull_and_crossbones:

I think I know what this means. Oh no… Am I a troll?

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I am sure many will disagree with me but im going to warn anyone who is bored and maybe thinking of trying EVE online because you see there game ads spammed EVERYwhere . So whats so bad about it ? One word sums it up BORING

You log in and you pick a race/bloodline etc etc and then you start the newb tutorial . It has got a lot better then when I played eve many years ago but it is still sooooo boring . Eve requires something most WOW players do not have and that is the patience of an OAK . It’s a lot like chess its a strategy game in the long term . You have to train skills to be able to do anything fun and useful and training skills takes a LONG time I guess that is CCP way of keeping people subscribed rather then making real content ?

I downloaded a 480 page Manuel on EVE and read a good part of it while I was mining ( <— pretty much the only thing you can do as a new player besides run VERY boring agent missions ) You have to do a LOT of reading or you are going to make a lot of mistakes which will cost you a lot of time and effort such as training up mining when all you really wanna do is get in a capitol ship and blow up pirates and such .

Go the eve forums sometime and try and read what people are talking about you will be lost because EVE is so complex it has its own language practically . Like I said if your not a VERY patient person dont even bother and I fall in that category. For me Monopoly > Chess …which wow is like monopoly in comparison …jump in play have some fun :slight_smile:

Long live wow it really is a great game especially if you ever compare it to the other poo thats out there .

edit ** Ok I wont leave without saying a few nice things . Eve has very nice graphics the SPACE and SHIP graphics sometimes are a thing to behold . The BEST thing about EVE is the community for the most part people in game and not only very nice but also very helpful . I really wanted to like this game for those reasons because I am a BIG fan of space sim games such as Freespace , Privateer , Homeworld …etc etc but sadly EVE is a huge let down :frowning:

This was taken from: https://www.mmo-champion.com/threads/768175-Don-t-play-EVE-Online

I love it!

Can someone tell me if the rules for controlling corporation assets were different in 2010 than now?

This line seems a bit off:

As a vote would be required to unlock the blueprints before they could be taken, shares in the secret alt corporation were split among five trustees. If Bobby were to ever attempt to unlock and steal the blueprints, those trustees could have simply declined the vote, keeping the corporation secure. In the event of his disappearance, directors in the corp could also collectively initiate their own votes to recover the assets.

Or maybe I’ve forgotten how the voting system works. Can you lock down blueprints to a voting system? Thought it was just for corp leadership…

There’s a few choice posts in that thread, this one made me laugh.

WoW is like McDonalds: Widespread, extremely popular and all about instant and easy gratification,

EVE is like a 4 course French menu you have to learn to cook yourself. Hard work and unforgiving…but ultimately…if done right…more satisfying than anything McDonalds could offer you.

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