EVE under ubuntu/VMWARE - DX11/12?

Hi there,

As running eve under wine is not viable, I tried to install VMWARE player (latest release) and a Windows Image I acquired from work. Everything looks fine, BUT when I start eve it says it can’t decet DirectX 11. I visited various forum but found non answers so far.

Any suggestions?


DX11 emulation on Linux host is poor. I knew of this thread where they discuss upgrading the VMware tools, but it’s for a Windows host.
IMHO you won’t be able to play Eve in a virtual machine unless you pass-through the GPU, but this might require high-end workstation hardware …

Also can you explain why playing under wine or steam is not viable for you?

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I stopped using Steam and their version of Wine (aka Proton) months ago. Wine isn’t exactly point and click either, but it is working to some degree. I also recommend @PIffy first find out what version of Wine is on their distro. Open terminal and type; wine --version.
user@PC-HP-6200-Pro:~$ wine --version

Most modern distros have 6.x version or higher. If Wine is not installed;

user@PC-HP-6200-Pro:~$ sudo apt install wine

The game should play without much issue. The rest may depend on hardware requirements. Both older and new graphics cards seem to have issues, since new GPUs must depend upon generic drivers. Nvidia has Linux driver support.

Because Easy Anti Cheat triggers (every 30s? or so) and this kicks you out. The Easy Anti Cheat module in proton isnt able to connect to the Easy Anti Cheat aspect in Vanguard because (as others have pointed out in this section) - because the linux Easy Anti Cheat isnt included in the game.

Re GPU pass through - I have heard it is possible to configure GPU pass through with Proxmox. Unknown if it works for Vanguard…

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EAC never occurred at all when I have been playing Eve Online with or without Steam. I either use VM or another PC to play Black Desert and Apex Legends. EAC is very blatant about announcing itself when the game loads, the EAC splash is present, and then it scans your memory for cheats. They do not set it up to happen on a weekly or monthly basis, it happens every time you load the program. Running a VM under Linux OS will not stop the EAC either. The VM runs a legit Windows OS, therefor RAM becomes a critical issue. You then have Linux OS running, VMware running, Windows running, and Eve Online all at once on your system.

Wine doesn’t emulate or require Windows to operate. Wine is a software overlay existing since 1993. Lutris, Play on Linux, Proton, Code Weavers, etc… are all either Wine GUI’s or based on the open source programming of Wine. If you don’t desire a ton of RAM being consumed, it is best to work with Wine directly than indirectly.

Why not something like Lutris?

This thread is for EVE though, so the known Vanguard EAC issues are not relevant here. :slightly_smiling_face:

I don’t know what problem you were having with wine, but vmware is certainly not the answer.

Assuming one of our big distros that ships ancient dependencies and such, you might be missing something…but that something is not a full virtualization stack. It is definitely worth your time to make eve go in normal wine. Proton is easiest, but if you don’t like it thats fine.

Unfortunately vmware does not provide direct access to the graphic card to the VMs. vmware provides a basic video driver for the WM to use with no support for 3D graphics or directx. There is something called passthrough that will allow you to give a WM access to a separate graphics card, but it can’t be the same card the host machine is using so you would need 2 graphic cards to do it.

This tells different and last time i used it i did not have problems using a single GPU:

If it is not working for you, you might try Virtualbox. This also tells to have Directx11 Passthru.

I am currently using wine with dxvk and have no problems and also still don’t understand the OP why this should not be viable.

Looks like you are right. You can do it with a single GPU as well

Virtualbox doesn’t have GPU passthru.
Maybe this new thing does, I don’t know: VirtualBox KVM public release — Cyberus Technology
I did the GPU passthrough via KVM/Qemu and created/launched the VM with virt-manager. Blacklisting and all that. A lot easier when you own an AMD + Nvidia card. If you own 2 cards of the same brand, you can’t really blacklist, you’ll get no picture on either GPU.
Relying on MS to not screw up updates and releasing new features no one wants, I didn’t really want a Windows VM.

I use Proton these days on Linux. Been gaming exclusively on Linux for the past year.
I’ve played on release date the following games: Baldurs Gate 3, Starfield, AC:Mirage. My advice would be to go with a rolling release distro. Much more likely that everything works out of the box. And keeps working.
And Eve on Linux since at least 2020.

Virtualbox might not do a passthru, but it is said to deliver Directx 11 support on Linux since 7.0:

VirtualBox 7.0 is out with their DirectX 11 support using DXVK

Anyway i’m still asking myself why anyone would need to do this for eve on linux if running it is as easy as installing a 3d driver, a wine staging 9.1 and to a “winetricks corefonts msdelta vkd3d vcrun2022 dxvk2030” followed by an installation of the latest eve client and just run it and be done.

Easiest is to install Lutris with package manager, hit this webpage; EVE Online - Lutris
Click install on top option and click Next, next, next. And you are done.
Mesa (opensource AMD driver) is included in every distro I know of. If you are on Nvidia, yeah go for proprietary drivers but even there, some distros have a 1-click button install of those too. I think PopOS has but Manjaro for sure has it. Garuda also has it.

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