EVE under ubuntu/VMWARE - DX11/12?

Hi there,

As running eve under wine is not viable, I tried to install VMWARE player (latest release) and a Windows Image I acquired from work. Everything looks fine, BUT when I start eve it says it can’t decet DirectX 11. I visited various forum but found non answers so far.

Any suggestions?


DX11 emulation on Linux host is poor. I knew of this thread where they discuss upgrading the VMware tools, but it’s for a Windows host.
IMHO you won’t be able to play Eve in a virtual machine unless you pass-through the GPU, but this might require high-end workstation hardware …

Also can you explain why playing under wine or steam is not viable for you?

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I stopped using Steam and their version of Wine (aka Proton) months ago. Wine isn’t exactly point and click either, but it is working to some degree. I also recommend @PIffy first find out what version of Wine is on their distro. Open terminal and type; wine --version.
user@PC-HP-6200-Pro:~$ wine --version

Most modern distros have 6.x version or higher. If Wine is not installed;

user@PC-HP-6200-Pro:~$ sudo apt install wine

The game should play without much issue. The rest may depend on hardware requirements. Both older and new graphics cards seem to have issues, since new GPUs must depend upon generic drivers. Nvidia has Linux driver support.