Eve vegas 2019 ticket to transfer

(Mina Yazuri) #1

Hey all,

So I’ll start by saying I totally ■■■■■■ up.

My friend that I was going to drive to eve vegas with, tells me tickets are now on sale. So like the lemming I am, I bought the ticket and didn’t really think anything of it.

That was until I checked my calendar, thank god it adds ■■■■ from your g-mail, and it’s a week later than last year. Sadly I’m in my best friends wedding as the brides-man of honor (I think that’s a thing right? whatever; I’m the best man to the bride lol) on the weekend of 25th. RL first right? It’s a full event ticket, hmu and hopefully I can sort this out!

TL:DR: Selling a full event ticket because I’m a damn lemming.

(CowRocket Void) #2

You need to get the wedding date moved or the wedding itself to Vegas!!! :congaparrot::congaparrot::congaparrot::congaparrot::congaparrot::congaparrot::congaparrot:

(Flying Squidwolf) #3

Yeah, sounds like you’ll need to get them to reschedule the wedding or just move it to EVE Vegas.

I mean, if they actually did that then I’m sure CCP would set you all up with one of those fancy Yachts that are reserved as gifts for special occasions.

I really don’t see any other way around this issue, Internet Spaceships is Serious Business.