Hi fellow capsuleers,

Few months ago I started a small project about gathering some more wallpapers from our favorite game: EVE ONLINE.

So I purchase a small template I try to customize it as well as I could and launch it on the web.

Site is still not in the best looking form and is called: www.eve-wallpaper.com

At the moment with some small help from random people I manage to upload @ 330 eve online wallpapers.

If anyone have some old print screens or wallpapers feel free to upload them on the site if you want.

I’m open to critics and suggestions :slight_smile:


I dont’ see OEG wallpapers on the site.

That is why we have search: OEG
I manually add tags for each wallpaper.


Great! I should have searched for that instead of ships. Good work! There are lots more of them available.

I search for Tristan, I get no results :sob:

:flushed: can’t cover all the ships at this moment. I really need more time.:thinking:


Thanks for your effort!


Nice work. Some pretty cool pics in there.

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Feel free to upload yours if you have any.

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There’s a couple in there I saw. Have some in the eve screenshots thread, so if yourself or anyone else wants to chuck em in feel free to as not sure if I gotta sign up to do it.

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Post the link or mail me :slight_smile:
I will try and get them for sure.

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Great news guys. Today i manage to buy a 4 K monitor :slight_smile:
It was a wet dream of mine…

Some high resolution wallpaper on the way.


Bookmarked for future use, thanks for creating the site.

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Great website, made an account and will upload some wallpapers soon

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Cool site

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I have 3 suggestions:

  1. I would like to see a way to filter by resolution: a very important factor if one is actually seeking a wallpaper fitting of their individual desktop. This could be done with auto-generated tags, or better yet categories for common resolutions, or whatever method works.

  2. As liking and commenting are restricted to registered users, I would like to see an easier way to register–as most users will probably be too casual to register for an account. Authenticating with EVE Online accounts, or even Google, would increase accessibility.

  3. Dark Mode.

Thanks for reading <3
Sex Cake

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Thanks for the suggestions.

  • i will heave to search how can i filter for resolution, i was thinking of that also maybe because i want to include wallpapers size for phone also.
  • from my experience running this site and working in IT i see a lot of people pretty reticent to share passwords and lack of knowledge how to SSO works. I was blamed that i have a scam site, viruses and so on.
  • dark mode is on the top of my list :slight_smile:
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Anyone have any wallpapers to share?

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You got some epic wallpapers there mate, good job.

This one is my favorite so far:



Amazing work mate. Keep it up