(reward paid out) Searching for a large screenshot gallery from early-mid years

A couple years ago I found a gallery with hundreds or thousands of screenshots throughout EVE’s history. It was a standalone site, not imgur or a reddit thread. Anyone remember that? Is it still around?

This has over 1,500 Eve screenshots…

Thanks, but that’s not what I’m looking for. It looks like everything on that site is Rhea (2014) or later graphics. The site I’m trying to track down was mostly Trinity era graphics (2007-2014) but still had hundreds of original engine (2003) screenshots. Most were 800x600 or 1024x768.

100M bounty to the pilot who find the site I’m looking for.
I remember there was a border or frame surrounding the screenshot within the gallery app.
I think there were first/prev/random/next/last buttons.
There were screenshots predating mining barges, of cruisers and battleships mining.

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I’m just googling Random stuff xD

Thanks. None of these are the one I remember. I sent 50M anyway for finding the second link, which had photos way back to 2008 and had some awesome stuff. My favorite one was this.

I’m curious if maybe it was the “timeline” portion of Chribba’s eve-files website. Unfortunately it looks like that’s been deleted, or at least trying to go to the link itself results in you getting taken just to the main eve-files page.

I did however find that there are several “captures” of the timeline on archive.org’s wayback machine. This is a capture from 2018 and had a ton of thumbnails, it was kinda slow loading, and i didn’t have the patience to see if any of them would open fullsize, but some of the shots are pretty old, just judging from the UI and the look of the HUD. It might be what you’re thinkng of.


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That’s it! Thanks! Pity it’s mostly down. Bounty sent


Awesome :^) glad I could help. I kinda felt it might have been by the way you were describing it.

I didn’t try any of the newer captures to see if they worked any better or allowed any of the images to open full size. Sometimes the wayback machine allows you to interact with almost the whole site the way it would have been when it was active, and sometimes just the basics function.

Also thanks for the isk o7


Interesting discovery. I might be able to download all those pictures and put them some place safe.

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