The EvE of yesteryear gallery

all credit to @Chribba


The good old days :frowning:

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That looks actually like a nice orchard. :ok_hand:
Probably growing walnuts. :wink:


Ah, the memories. A time before EVE was dumbed down, casualized and themeparkerized.


There was highs and lows of old EVE.

A lot of lows in some cases.

Potato heads glory!


Yes, but nothing quite as low as the point we’re at right now. And it’s still declining.

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That is your opinion and you are welcome to it.

Before everything was dumb down in my days when I was young we had to be logged in 24/7 to change skills, we had to manually align the ships and manually power up the gates with a bicycle meh it was better back in the year 1100.

Anyway man I hope more people share some old pictures I sadly have no left from when I joined back in 2007. But it would be nice to see more from the time when eve was new to me.

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Mmmhhhh, that 3D “radar” thing on the lower right corner, what purpose or intention did it serve?

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How about “a time when large ships felt large”

i’m not sure when the change happened but i can still remember coming back to the game after a break and wondering wtf my raven was barley bigger than a caracal


Yup, those are definitely old pic’s, well before my time and I’ve been here for almost 10 yrs now.

Man how time flies.


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It evolved into tactical overlay of today.


Interesting, the predecesor of the tactical overlay? My my my, how times have passed, heheheh.

Maybe game changed but people look like they have very similar attitude when it comes to playing it. Strange looking avatars will probably never stop coming.

So many ships and other objects that still look the same… dunno if that’s sad or what.

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