JUST REMEMBER! 2003-2007!

@CCP_Swift , @CCP_Paragon , etc.

Dear friends,

Just remember, and know how to become superb and fair play again!

It’s never too late !


Ully Loom

I remember when the art and style was unique.

Higher def does not equal better.

Yes, give me 2007 EVE please, where I could declare war on as many entities as I want for pennies, gank a freighter using a single cruiser bouncing around the grid, and make other players legal targets just by inviting them to my fleet.

I’m sure the carebears of today will absolutely love the much safer and fairer EVE of that era!


No orca either and enjoy fitting cargo expanders to your hulk. Jetcans everywhere.

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Which can be stolen from, and instead of going suspect, you become flagged only to the owner’s corporation?


Yup, system wide gang links too and being able to RR, yum yum. People really thinking that eve used to be safer have no idea, the lofty trick was brutal.

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