The original 2003 EVE trailer

@CCP_Falcon I want to play this game!!!


Brutal lol sign me up

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The next patch should be the Piracy Update. More ways to awox. More ways to gank. More ways to hijack. More ways to sabotage. More ways to steal. More ways to spy. More ways to scam. More ways to hunt. More ways to purge them with fire.

More ways to overthrow the Old Order and enforce the New Order!


i remember that vid he he

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Make Eve great again!

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Ahhhh - the GOOD ole days… 0:53 is a throwback indeed… yeah, I certainly feel a dash older. Cheers

RIP Vile Rat… I remember the memorial in bubbles at PNQY, still gets my throat…

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This video has me really excited for bounty hunting, when do you think CCP will add this feature to the game?

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As far as I’m concerned, they are all a bunch of hump sucking drones with no sense of purpose in their lives…

Who knew that drones could suck humps?

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