Can I Space Weasel?

I used to EVE. A lot. In the 2000s. But let’s dispense with all that intro ■■■■.

So, back then, I was into risky space trucking. Like, super risky. null⟷hisec runs with boosters, blockade busting, contract whoring. You know, that old masochistic chestnut. After dumping EVE because my corp stopped being a thing, I haven’t really looked back, but it was another game that got me thinking about the good old days, and this is where I could use some input. No clue if any of you speadsheet fuckers have played Elite, but I smuggle in that terrible sim. Lining up in supercruise, running silent and popping heatsinks to shut down scans is fun. Well, it was. Until smuggling got nutted. Now it’s just something you do for the arpees, because these days it pays less than picking cotton in 1770. Naturally, EVE has started to eek into my thoughts again.

So here I am, looking at a halved EVE player count and somehow people still complaining about how the Goons gave this game an aggressive case of cosmic gonorrhea. And EVE Online Hold’Em is dead. Not good. But… is dangerous hauling in kitted interceptors and blockade runners still a thing, or is it all just braindead jump freightering now? Because if it’s the latter, I won’t even bother.

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Braindead jump freightering.

Well that’s balls…

Yep, braindead JF’s, but if you enjoy it, nothing prevent you from moving injectors and blueprints around in BR or ceptors…

Do you only do ■■■■ for money or do you play games for fun too?

I admire his ability to express himself in such a refreshing fashion!

I can only suggest taking the others with a grain of salt, because I believe they’re answering the wrong question. Of course JFs are a thing, but that doesn’t mean there’s no room left for the little guy, which is something usually overlooked when it comes to “can i still do this, or”-questions.

I appreciate that, zora. See, this one has a brain. Are there any of those old drug dealing corps or delivery services still kicking? I can’t remember who was doing it when I left. They were called Freight-X or something like that. Basically, they were all set up to haul via third party website injected contract data. And there were a few boys and girls running boosters around 0.0. That was good stuff.

Push-x, red frog, and I think there is one more. But you were thinking of push x

Push X! Yes, thank you, I really like the idea of a collective of space truckers all organized like that. Red Frog too, I do remember them.

I have no idea, but I doubt it. After CCP griefed away plenty of the good and creative minds, everything cooled down significantly. At some point CCP made all boosters legal in highsec, changing the landscape forever. I’ve not been in the drug business for years, definitely longer than since that moment.

I think you really should just give it a try and see what you can sell. I strongly recommend looking through the booster market, because it grew significantly over the last years! A lot of people are nowadays producing drugs due to it being legal and more accessible compared to in the past, also thanks to UpWell structures. I haven’t worked myself through the whole production chain yet. I have no idea. It’s like a whole new game, yet again!

I can provide evidence that I at least partly know what I’m talking about. I’m just not fully in-the-loop yet.

By the way: Haulers Channel :slight_smile:

Hot. Thanks, zora. I don’t understand the move to legalize all the boosters. The drug game was a great way to live a life of crime. It was dynamic and sweaty palm-inducing, and it isn’t like CCP to remove something from the game that causes hardship for the sake of big monies.

It added more variety to a slowly erroding pvp landscape. It also opened the absolutely tiny niche of drug making to the masses. That’s all I know based on the effects of the legalization. New business opportunities will present themselves to those who keep looking for them. :slight_smile:

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Good point. Well said.

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Merry Christmas, Axel! I’ve contracted you a PLEX! :slight_smile:


How’s the weaseling going? :slight_smile:

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