Old or new hobbies needed to keep me outta trouble in real life

I am kinda considering actualy learning how to play this pew pew space ship thingame

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How about a fantasy version of Eve Online like fantasy Football?

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I bet Aiko would use permanent polymorph on you in such a version. :sheep:


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Good luck. I have no such lofty ambitions. I suck at most games, even Farmville.
I’m just here for the friend-Ship.

ok some good answers there so far and i am going to give too prizes one for the most offesnive answer and one for prizes will be given to either and or both people who win. " prizes only my last obese battle ship errr/… keyobard errror human interface bewer bottle platrom not responding

Sorry its hard to communicate with out 4 letter sxon words which huv bin canceled. How do i manage to get them to unerf the nanos ?
thats that fantasy role playing game right there

My cat sometimes lays across my keyboard while I’m playing so my only means of control is my mouse.

Which doesn’t concern me too much as Eve Online can be played quite easy just by using the mouse.

Though if it were a game like chess then that would probably disrupt the board.

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Just wait till your cat attacks the mouse. :blush:

Right this moment he is on my seat and not interested in the either the keyboard or mouse :cat2: