Do I admit the game is not for me anymore?

I rely wanted to get back in to eve again had a 4 years break. So now when I lost my job thanks to this pandemic (Yeah allot of smaller companies went under like after 2 months) I got more free time and I remember I use to love eve back in the day.

Maybe I loved eve because everything was new and cool but today I manage to play 2 weeks and yesterday I just felt like the game just sucked all the will out of me I started to question why do I play eve at all it´s the same thing over and over.

And all this damn nagging about isk isk isk and about efficiency. But also some tings I want to do I need to be omega (Yeah I can´t get omega with no income means no wasting money on games and yes I asked for financial help but the rules in my country is well I have to save what I have and live on it as long as possible then they will help)

But yeah I feel so locked out on what I maybe want to do thanks to not having omega time allot of skill I want to train but can not. But also some thing are hard to do what I want to do solo which is my own bad choice. But I feel like I can not be on com´s allot or such and I also enjoy other games so joining a corp feels like I would just waste peoples time.

Do I just have to admit to my self that eve maybe is not a game for me anymore because I tried for 2 weeks but im not having fun what so ever.

Well, Eve is certainly a niche game, but the weird thing about it is that I’ve heard a lot of people say that they tried it once or twice before, and didn’t particularly care for it. But Eve kept sticking around, and they kept hearing about it, and then on their 2 or 3 attempt, when they got into some new activity, suddenly the game clicked for them. So it’s like a double edge sword. Eve offers so many activities to get into, and can cater to so many different playstyles, but all these options makes it hard to find that which you find enjoyable.

Anyway, if you are looking to plex your account, you will have to work for it. Moreover, it’s harder to go omega, than it is to stay omega. However, if this is the route you want to take, you should look into flying incursions with Warp To Me. I don’t know what your player or character skills are, but they are newbro friendly. Moreover, they have no obligations besides don’t be a dick and don’t sandbag while you’re in fleet. Other than that, you can fly as much or as little as you like. Oh, and you can make around 125mil an hour + LP, which means it will take you about 12 hours worth of grinding a month to be able to plex your account. And, you don’t have to talk. You only need to be able to listen to FC commands.

Alternatively, you can ditch the isk grind all together. For example, nullbloc PvP allows me to pay for my PvP through PvP. Between relatively cheap fits, SRP, looting the field, and a knack for staying alive, I actually make a small profit from PvP. Naturally, I could do better by PvE’ing, but it’s certainly one of the more exciting ways to make money. Moreover, newbro friendly corps, such as pandemic horde and brave newbies, will always give alphas at least a few ship options (i.e. tackle frig, ewar frig, cormorant, ferox, osprey, bantam). In fact, they may even give you handouts, such as free tackle or ewar frigs. Just, do be aware that you shouldn’t loot the field during the fight, should return loot to blues if they ask for it, and follow any specific looting rules of the corp and FC.

But that’s just one option. Ganking is about to get a buff, and an alpha can fly a catalyst with T2 blasters, so that might be worth checking into. You might want to start with a ganking corp or sig that will teach you the ropes and give you free catalysts first though.

Yet another option would be to check out this guy. He’s practically begging for partners in crime, and is willing to accept alphas.

And, no you won’t be wasting anyone’s time. Some groups do have activity requirements, but many understand that RL takes precedent. So they’re happy to have you when you can fly with them, and understand when you can’t. Oh, and if you’re introverted, it’s really easy to get lost in the crowds of big corporations.

Also, check out The Art of Poor by John Drees. Of course, it might teach you a thing or two, but it also just might change your perspective on the game, and how it can be played.

Anyway, I’d understand if you didn’t want to work so hard for your fun, but you did like this game once before. Perhaps you might find a way to like it again.


Thanks allot for all the information means allot and it´s good to see there is many options. I just need to find the fun again. I don´t mind working hard but trying to plex with what I was trying it just feelt so slow and felt more like work than fun.

And I mean it I would pay for omega if I could but with how real life is now I need to save every peny even if 15 euro is cheap that´s enugh for food for 1 day like a pack of sausage.

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Playing to plex is never fun. I’d say try to find find yourself a nice corporation. Playing this game completely Solo is not to much fun i’d say, atleast to me.

Do the things you think are fun, ■■■■ the isk. They will come along in some way. Move to null, mine some rare moon go, you already have your plex within 2-3 days.

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I have to say i’m just coming back after 5 years and it is very jarring with all the changes in the game. The graphics are amazing and all the new looks for the ships. But everything is different due to the dynamic of the game. New corps, new alliances, New PVE campaigns. This forum is so high tech compared to what it was. It is alot to take in…

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Just start selling stuff.
As long as they buy we can resupply them.

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