Not for me, goodbye

I just don’t have the 6+hours per day every day to play this game to get enough money to unlock enough skills to play long enough to train them all up to make enough money /rinse and repeat.

Tying how much your character can sell and where directly to skills is crippling. No other game MMO does that to its players. List the item, pay the fee, done. It sells or you cancel it.

Exploration = spend 3 hours hunting down data and relic sites while losing 3 ships. Just replace it with the free frigate. Yup the frigate is free, not the launcher, scanners, or probes though. Unless you hit the jackpot or like watching a red dot for hours its the most draining thing I’ve done short of mining.

And don’t try combat until you are tripping on Isk or you have waited out the drone training.

I just don’t have that kind of live at my computer, do nothing else but ping the screen and pray for a miracle.

Thanks but no, 3/10

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May I inherit your items please?


You need a corp. EVE is ■■■■ solo.


The game isn’t about “get enough money”…no wonder you failed…


Been around for most of 10 years solo…I’d disagree…


That’s cool with me. Some people can enjoy it solo… personally, I lose interest quickly without a corp.

For me (not for everyone) is the “thrill” of making it on my own without a huge umbrella corp over my head…I fully admit however that there is a price to be paid (like everything) and that’s never having lived in Null or Worms.

Not for everyone but that also can be said for the big boys too…


Actually, living in null solo can be fun, too. I was living in Provi and Stain in the past, without corp. Might be even better now, without local. If you have some sort of community, it’s probably okay… like, hanging in the Eve-Uni channel or so. But without anyone to chat with, I’d just burn out in a few days.

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It’s on my “to-do” list…if Eve is still going in 2021 then maybe!

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I can do it, then everyone can do it :slight_smile:
Last stint in Null was as a renter, but that model seems to be running out now.

I ALMOST did that in 2018 in Pure Blind but the ball-turrets weren’t big enough at the end of the day…

Not worth it now. It’s not sustainable, and if you have to find alternative ways to finance your EVE-life, then what’s the point. I don’t have the time to commit to alliance life, fleets and stuff. I’m not even the type to jump people, but I find it fun to survive. Maybe I’m an oddball and my type isn’t compatible with the new null anymore.

Currently in Hisec, logging in for the SP, then back out, watching youtube videos instead. :confused:

Just out of curiosity, but who are you talking to?

I get that you are leaving, but have never understood the need to publicly announce that. And now a game rating too. Wouldn’t that be better on reddit, or a general game review site?


I agree…My theory was that if I could survive in LS and mine/manu then I could do it in NS…but but without local that bit of intel for a soloist is sorely lacking.

You’re right. null got a lot scarier lately which means larger groups for the old ‘safety in numbers’ theory.

Now I am busy in HS/LS so no worries…

I might return to null at some point, either when the local change gets reverted (or there’s structures for that), or maybe to NPC null. Stain was not that bad back then, the Russians there were fun people. Some regions are pretty calm, too.

The times I spent were running the WH routs via Theta…I want to get back to that one day as it was pretty fun…

WH is an aspect I never tried. Might give that a whirl. Scanning down signatures is currently the only way to make cash in null, as a nobody, no idea how things are in WHs.

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U know the thrill. Before you leave give some isk or stuff.

Sounds like mobile games are more for you OP.

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This thread isn’t for me.