Bye Eve Online

After two mounths of play i realized that this is not the game i want to play nor this is the comunity I want be part of. I enyoied the trade part and spent weeks moving fron one place to other of the game map buying and selling. But almost everywhere there are people that destroy your fun and profits for nothing. Tou cant do anything, not one chance to survive this hyena style attacks. The game mechanics are like this, they can paralize tour ship to do with you what theu wany but you cant do anything.I realized that this game is made for them and that the players like me are here to make content for them and NO i will not do it anymore. Of course I can do the same to the few people that is new as me but I dont get satisfaction to be like that. In my life I prefer a colaborative enviroment. I dont want to be part of a group that their only satisfaction is destroy the others fun (It is not my words but them). Sorry buy yo me Eve players are a bunch of Sociopaths looking othe people to get fun with their disgrace. I could understand if the get ISKs or new ships if they do that but just for fun no I dont get it. I Deleted the game from my computer and give to others like me this advice: Dont waste your time with people that dont deserve it, be positive and dont think you are doing something wrong because you dont get fun ganking people. Bye and I hope your real life never will be like your Eves one.




You need to purchase a quitter’s permit.


Aside of some of your ventures being ganked in hisec your losses are in low and nullsec and none of them are haulers yet you claim you’ve been a trader who hauled stuff between trade hubs. :thinking:


We will never know what made him leave as it takes Juan to know Juan.


If you check, you’ll notice the Brutix is the cargo. Juan thought it would be a smart idea to trade ships in a low security zone, without bringing a ship of his own.

Once, he lost three in a row to the same person on the same stargate, without learning anything. Much like a preprogrammed bot, he just kept repeating the same simple steps over and over, without any effort to adapt or change his approach. Subsequently, he lost three more, to another person on another gate. Just absolutely mindless.

Juan, if you are reading this, I wish to purchase a TITAN. Please go ahead and purchase the titan, and then I will provide you with your destination.


You are right he was trying to bring unfitted ships most of the time without scouting ahead and not even fitting for fast align time most of the time. (Didn’t check all the killmails.) I guess there’s nothing to see here. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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Step 1: Fly unfitted ship through lowsec.
Step 2: ???
Step 3: Profit?


In case you didn’t realize it: EVE is a PVP game.

Working as designed. Try harder. Think harder.

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Well, @Juan_Kos was KOS :thinking:


I love how OP will never reply to none of this. smh So many people like OP who make bad choices and simply quit.

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He didn’t just quit though, he labeled other EVE players as sociopaths for destroying his ships in a space ships PvP game.


If you didn’t say it I was going to. Pity I wasn’t here an hour earlier.

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the irony is how hyenas are used to prevent these styles of attacks

but can i have your stuff?

No body cares. No need to make a thread about quitting. In the famous lyrics of Motley Crew:
" Don’t go away mad… just go away "

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Yeah. Yawn.

I hate being this guy but… git good.

There are plenty of tools to prevent ganks. Warp core stabs, scouting, cloaking, ECM drones. Unfortunately, the game isn’t exactly forthcoming about those tactics, but they exist. If you didn’t bother to at least seek them out, that’s kind of on you

Honestly, I’d recommend joining a Corp. Yes, there are horror stories about people being scammed and stolen from in corps. They are the exception, not the rule. I can personally vouch for EVE University, but I’m sure there are many others willing to take you. Having other people watch your back and tell you whether or not you’re being stupid will go a long way towards making you safer.

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…but is flying unfitted ships to the same gate in rapid succession to be blown up by the same person and doing that a couple different times really “ganking”?

If they were freighters full of high value stuff at least it might be known what these folks were laundering…but this doesn’t seem like that.

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. lol

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