Hi to all pilots,

as I wanted to know if someone mention me in an eve chat channel, I wrote this little tool. All this tool does is to notify you if anyone mention you in any of your chats (using some tiny window and/or sound).

To do that this tool is not communicating with the eve client or any eve api directly. It is just reading the chat logs which are written by the eve client.

For more details please visit the github page: https://github.com/MyUncleSam/EveChatNotifier
Releases can be found here: https://github.com/MyUncleSam/EveChatNotifier/releases
(This is a portable only app - no installation needed.)

If you have any questions please feel free to ask me. If you find any error or bug please feel free to create a github issue (also if you have a feature request): https://github.com/MyUncleSam/EveChatNotifier/issues

Fly safe! o7
Wolf Tongue




Tried it, looks really good :slight_smile: Thaks for the sharing :heart:

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As an alpha tester of the tool and involved in troubleshooting, I have to say that it is a very good tool. Enough reception offers but is not overcharged.

I can only recommend it :sunglasses:


Importent update:
With update an update checker was introduced. It uses the github api to determinate if there is an update or not.

This is awesome ! Thanks !

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Version released, added possibility for autostart with windows

Importent update:
Version introduces an auto update feature (beta) - this function should take the whole update work for you :slight_smile:

With a wish of a user was introduced: changing font sizes.

Thanks for the feedback!

Thank you for the quick turnaround.

Really great program…


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The introduced auto update featured was buggy - I am very sorry about that.
So I introduced in the new version (and later) a new 3rd party auto updater. The current buggy one should be able to update to the new one which should no longer have a problem updating the program.

If it is not able please open the webpage and download and replace all files.

Ignore the MOTD doesn’t work anymore.

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Nice one. I had thoughts to make something like this on my own but never had time to do it actually.

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Thanks for your feedback, I check why the “ignore MOTD” is no longer working. Maybe due to chat updates.

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It would be nice to be able setup ignore sentences* at our own if CCP decide change “EVE-System” messages again. I was looking for a Config file but sadly there is nothing to change it to the new Chat-Log composition.

It is already planned to rewrite it from scracht and to give the user more possibilities. But at the moment I am waiting if the introduced jabber chat is also released in any way to developers or not. This would make work with chats much easier.

See -> XMPP for devs?

Ok there is now a new release with the possibility to change the MOTD name (which should be ignored). Default is “EVE-System” which should be fine with most languages. Be sure to enable “Ignore MOTD” in the settings window.

This update cannot be doplayed with the auto update feature right now. It seems like github changed something with the secure https connection which makes the old procedure produces an error which prevents it from update checks. This is fixed in the last release which can be found here: https://github.com/MyUncleSam/EveChatNotifier/releases/latest

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Thank you very much for the Update.
Working very well, i just had to change it to “EVE System” without the dash “-”

Great to hear that the new function is working for you :slight_smile:

At the moment I have some bad news about notification. It seems that the log format is broken at the moment. This could lead into false or no notification. I checked my logs and there is no way to fix that. The only thing you could do right now is to add your names to the notify keywords at the settings page. But still this could not solve it :frowning:.

Known problems:

  • If you play multiple chars it seems there is only one log file created instead of one for each char -> automatical notification based on who the log owns is no longer working.
  • Multiple lines ‘merged’ into other lines which breaks these lines, sometimes broken usernames, missing chat entries … -> notification is not working in some cases

Example for a broken log line (username ‘User Name’):
[ 2018.[ 2018.05.01 12:23:54 ] User Na > orca is com[ 2018.05.01 12:25:16 ] Wolf Tongue > Im on my way

hm it seems to be working today again … no idea what that was …

It seems like the Notification setting is bugged, when set to Sound only i still get the Toast Pop-up.