EVEMon 4.0.12 - ESI Edition

I installde 4.0.12 over 4.0.9 (Following the installer’s instructions) and cleared cache and added again the ESI keys by logging in. After few minutes, EVEmon tells me that i need to login again, and in ESI keys i see “no access token”

Ok, so partially inspired by this post, I just created a simple EveMon clone for EveKit which you can read about here. It has all the usual skill queue monitoring stuff, but doesn’t have EveMon’s extensive skill planning support or other extras. I also didn’t implement notifications, although that would be easy to do.

The “copy skills to Clipboard (BB)” isnt working correctly.
You can copy the skills, but none of the images is shown ( lvl1-5 trained / skillcat. not shown )

any ideas?

Could we get the implant calculator in the skill planner fixed or have the ability to change the implants of the active clone as it used to be really useful for seeing how much time is saved when upgrading implants but now I cannot get it to increase above current.

Seeing as most of my alpha clones are in +1s I can’t easily find out how much time I save by going to +2s