EVEMon 4.0.20 - ESI Edition

I just want to say that I recently returned to the game after years away and EVEMon brought back a flood of nostalgia. Thank you for all your hard work.

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is there no download for 4.0.20 ?


Version 4.0.20 has been released, with updated links in the original post. Users of version 4.0.1 or later will receive an automatic update prompt. Users of earlier versions should install over using the EXE file in the release (not the ZIP), but see the warnings in the OP.

Apologies for missing update notes for the last few updates, but most of the changes since 4.0.18 have been bug fixes and SDE updates. Note that the ESI/SDE still have invalid values for some of the new items and skills (for example, all attributes of the Fleet Formation skills in the SDE are blank), so EVEMon might display unexpected results if there are industry jobs with the new items or skill queues with the new skills. Among the new features include big improvements to the item pricer, which allow skill injector price estimation in plans (check the mouse over tooltip!)


Great work Peter!

Any reason in the About page there is still a link to the old deprecated Github page? (the one from 2016)

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Since the last update EveMon is constantly giving me the Error “Error logging into EVE SSO. If you changed your passwort, you must log in again using File > Add Character.”

I did not change any passwords and I have now re-put in all my characters twice. I mainly use EveMon to get an overview over skill times and that still seems to work, no idea if anything else is broken.

Does anyone know what causes these errors?