EVEMon 4.0.20 - ESI Edition

same issue here, I downloaded the sources from github + ms visual, but I’m not the best programmer

It looks like the issue is caused directly by the ESI server not by the tool, when pulling the queue of a char with less than 50 in queue it works fine, but fails with internal server error (response too long) for a char with ~140 skills in queue.


Keep on getting this error when I try and pull the skill queue from one of my characters:


API Error:
Erorr querying the skill queue of Vladamier Donvendonish.
HTTP error: The server at esi.evetech.net returned an error. The full response returned by the server was: 500 (Internal Server Error)

Other characters on the same account are fine just don’t know why it won’t just pull this one character. Have tried disconnecting and reconnecting it as well.

Its pulling everything else for the character no problem. Just the skill queue is the issue.

This is an ESI server error. Nothing you can do short of reporting a bug and waiting for it to be fixed.