EVEMon 4.0.20 - ESI Edition

same issue here, I downloaded the sources from github + ms visual, but I’m not the best programmer

It looks like the issue is caused directly by the ESI server not by the tool, when pulling the queue of a char with less than 50 in queue it works fine, but fails with internal server error (response too long) for a char with ~140 skills in queue.


Keep on getting this error when I try and pull the skill queue from one of my characters:


API Error:
Erorr querying the skill queue of Vladamier Donvendonish.
HTTP error: The server at esi.evetech.net returned an error. The full response returned by the server was: 500 (Internal Server Error)

Other characters on the same account are fine just don’t know why it won’t just pull this one character. Have tried disconnecting and reconnecting it as well.

Its pulling everything else for the character no problem. Just the skill queue is the issue.

This is an ESI server error. Nothing you can do short of reporting a bug and waiting for it to be fixed.


who ever did that: thanks for your prompt support. :slight_smile:

Seems after the latest ESI update, evemon is broken? Its not updating skills anymore.

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When Linux release plez?

When somebody make it. Are you volunteering?

Sure, when they (CCP) remove the dev key requirement for shipping desktop applications.

The whole point of .Net is to be cross platform IL, Mono exists (along with a limited .Net release from MSFT themselves on Linux).

It should be portable with little effort, unless they took a hard dependency on something very Windows specific API.

I would even go as far as a cleanroom rewrite in Go and QT, especialy now that the SDE are being moved out of a package and into the ESI.

Another implementation possibility could also be a progressive web app though not for those who clear their caches every exit.

It appears CCP broke some of the links in the last week so Evemon no longer pulls any new info :frowning: Are there any plans to update Evemon to work again? :pray:

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There is a fix on github, you can either compile or someone’s build, but unfortunately looks like noone is running this project anymore :frowning: So the fix is done by volunteer and the skills data are not updated (missing mutated drones skill). It would be awesome if someone could pick this project up :frowning:

EveMon was written using .NET Framework, the windows only .NET sdk. I think you’re talking about .NET core or more recently .NET 5 and above which ARE cross platform. .NET framework has always been windows only and will come standard on any valid win OS . Also, EveMon already supports running through wine so I don’t think unless there are some major bugs whilst running underneath wine, a port from .NET framework → .NET core would be worth it. Interestingly enough, the target .NET framework version it is currently using reaches of support Apr 26, 2022 but that can easily be resolved by upgrading the .NET version to something 4.7+.

Without someone to actively maintain and produce updates though like how Peter did w/ version 4, I don’t foresee this version of the Application getting that type of care especially with how the culture is feeling about the current updates.

Just a short question - my faction warfare character, who is definitely enlisted in a FW NPC corp, shows as “Character not enlisted in Factional Warfare” in the factional warfare stats screen. What am I missing and can I fix it?

I’m using EVEmon 4.0.20 and everything seems to work fine except EVEmon constantly throws error messages saying "Error querying character sheet for … " on all characters. Already deleted and recreated all the API keys too.

But the data shown is actually correct, skill queues update, ISK, location, SP amounts are all correct. Any idea how to get rid of these bs errors?


API Error:
Error querying the character sheet for [name]


API Error:
Error querying the character sheet for xxx.
HTTP error: A request to esi.evetech.net failed with status: 404 (Not Found).

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I was having this problem until I reinstalled EVEMon 4.0.20 over my existing installation.

This resolved the “cached profiles” problem for now.


That worked, thanks for the tip.

Well, it kinda worked - now I’m back to a cached profile again…

Same, after next program start I had the ‘Cached’ display again. But at least the error message popups disappeared.

I am also getting constant error messages and the cached problem but other than that it’s working accurately. Any idea if this is abnormal?

It’s going to fail until you update the character route in the code and recompile the program.