[EVENT] Getting a little "Wicked and Vile" at L'Amore in Ballo!

If security are worth their salaries, they’ll be the ones inflicting the horrific acts of violence if you attend.


I can assure you that my security staff tolerate no nonsense. In fact, you’ve been at L’Amore before.

Look, people, you know my rules. Don’t be stupid.

Aww that’s no fun : P

I guess if he Intends to show up he might get to be a judge, huh?

If it’s not fun, don’t come. I don’t run a shoddy establishment. It’s a neutral location and I stand by that principle.

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Sorry to do this but the date is going to have to be moved to 4th May. Apologies in advance!


so … another week to smooth out the technical issues … not complaining?

Will the start still be at 19:00 or might it be moved an hour so earlier?

I only mention because I - and some others I am aware of - have another, prior commitment at 21:00 for the Malkalen Memorial.

I’m going to keep the same time.

Having checked my schedule, this revised date is rather more possible for me. I’m not sure if my costume will be quite able to compare with others though, considering how much longer they’ve had to think about it :wink:

I will certainly do my best to match my usual standards however.

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Reminder that this is tomorrow night. Voting for winners will be done by ballot on the night. Entry closes at 2100 (just send me a message). Winners will be announced at 2200 after an hour voting period.

Best of luck to all entrants.

It was great. I won a prize.


1st: Stitcher and Sin
2nd: Valerie Valate
3rd: Lunarisse Aspenstar

Congrats to all the winners and entrants!


I had to leave early. Anyone happen to have pictures of the winners?

A wonderful evening, thank you Lasa for hosting. I think we all needed to loosen up and have some wicked fun!


Stitcher & Sinikka were dressed as creatures from Caldari Mythology.

My own costume was based on artwork depicting Takmahl mythological demons.

Lunarisse was wearing a more modern outfit depicting a stylised demon.


Ah thank you! I think I missed yours, very nice.