[Event] Major League Kendu: season opener

I recently received this flyer and thought I’d post the text here in case others might want to come along and experience a kendu match themselves.

The new season of Major League Kendu begins on 8 February with the traditional opening match between last year’s champions and runners up. This season that means defending champions the Kapda Cannons face the Duureanta Lions at the ‘Den’, Vaakpati Stadium in Vaashnapoor.

A reception at the Den’s executive hospitality suite will be hosted by Archon Gopala Lochan where guests will be able to mingle while watching the match. Attendees are expected to include dignitaries from across Viriette as well as celebrities and capsuleers from further afield. Tickets are available through Utsrar Promotions.


Doors open at 21:30 NEST. Match commentary will run from 22:00 to 23:00.

The Gentleman’s Book may be taking private bets - happy to make introductions.

The match promises to open the season with a bang and to show those who make the journey that there’s more to life in Viriette than war and politics. I hope to see many of you there!

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I received some further details from Utsrar Promotions on how to get to this event.

I can recommend the Taj, particularly their palandu salad.

If anyone wants to extend their stay in Duureanta after the game (I know it’s a long way for some), I’m happy to ask CHTBP to arrange a transfer to and accomodation on Kohipur Island

[[in-game <Kohipur Island>]].


Full match commentary can be found here for your enjoyment.

Thanks to Auriga for organising the event, and, as always, Go Interceptors.


Well, that certainly was an exiting game to see, and I’m glad the Lions won.


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