EVERMARKS | The Good, the Bad and the Ugly :nyanparrot:

Dread EM’s are 18,000.

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Thanks, that’s reasonable for cosmetics.

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I’m surprised that I got a Merlin offer after just 8 declines \o/…

I love how the game’s narrative guides you down a certain style of play and a certain faction ship type…

Then CCP just throws everything at you like… ‘Here, I know you are maxxed out in Caldari ships, missiles, shields, implants that support it all… buuuuuuut we think you may like to try Amarr stuff… oh and here’s some boosters for skills you don’t care for and filaments you just sell on Immediate.’

Try reinforcing the choices we make, CCP? Yeah?? Maybe???

A rando throw away skin on log-in for a ship I will NEVER use is a waste of everyone’s time. FOMO should be focused entirely on your skillset.

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I used to try to keep my skills trained for only a certain race. But, as you pointed out that’s virtually impossible.

I figured also T2 ships are not yet included. But I probably being able to get the marks for my fleet ships in time before the next fleet.


No interceptors that I’ve seen. :frowning:

Yeah they should have a login reward tree just for you specifically.

I think everyone would agree with that.

It would make sense for the rewards to be a little more relevant. I don’t think I’ve received ONE skin for a ship that I actually fly. @Rocket_Hellfire has a good point.

Would a site be up and available of the complete list of ships to get ready for this? Working out the cost per Evermark per isk value etc.

Go away Scott

Wait did you mute @Iceacid_Frostpacker? :thinking:

Hate to SayIT but EXPAND the evermarks and give Ship builder Marks…

It will never happen but…

You know that little badge you have on the front/rear of your Car ?

Maybe that’s where there is an industry kickstart…

No no that wasnt Frostpacker

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look at it as a weekly lockout raid, we do have 3 alts, use them

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Its emote that first appeared on other forums. Called failheap-challenge


My name is not Scott though I had offended [Ramona McCandless] yesterday I was rather defensive with a reply.

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No you are fine FP.

Youre one of my special favourites x

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Did you read the OP?

It would be nice to have a site that fed data from evemarketer though.

Yes those prices will be outdated by the time you update your OP with correct figures.

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