Venture Capitalist SKIN

@CCP_Falcon and Gang, you didn’t leave a link behind for us to discuss this offer, so let me do this for you.

It’s certainly amongst the best EVE articles I’ve come across. Even though I hate mining, I’ll bite so hard. Also, whatever got you in the mood to write like that, please do it everyday (unless it’s too hard on the liver).

One thing I want to add:
36500 Ventures can Alpha a Titan and at least 6 Server Nodes.


This did make me chuckle. I was going to make a vulture comment, but they already out-snarked anything I thought of…

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Now that’s marketing writing I can appreciate.

Even though I can’t see any real difference in the skins of the ventures pictured.

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They should have used the feather patterns from vultures to design the skins, and named them accordingly


CCP should introduce a carrion skin for the venture just to add icing on the already delicious popcorn cake.


If they released a “Vulture” SKIN I’d be all over it. Carrion is pretty good, too, lol.

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Agreed- I thought the post was a absolute hoot! Well done to the marketing department on this one :slight_smile:

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“The best part about this SKIN bundle is that it won’t cost you $120”


Omnibus Solutions endorces this product!

Waiting for the Copyright SKIN for the Enforcer, Breacher and Violator and Punisher btw.

Falcon Goodposting SKIN might be a bit much… yeah, I’ll see myself out.

How about a yellow SKIN called Vulture for the Drake? :slight_smile:

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This, is one of the best articles i have ever read, and also on of the best ridicules ever

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one is main hull black, one is dark red, one is dark blue/black camo
these colors are maybe overfiltered and dim looking here, so to see this clearly and easily depends on contrast/sat/etc and resolution(size of image). try zooming out or another screen/phone if you still cant see it

this could have been their under-the-table shot at using the same filters to achieve similar visuals to SC images (probably the case)

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I might buy these skins and a venture just in appreciation of this article.

A carrion skin for venture would be hilarious and I’d buy that immediately. :smiley:

Paydirt Prospector
Morphite Shine
Glacial Drift

Those skins actually look pretty good on the Venture.

I’ve had the Morphite Shine and Glacial Drift skins for a while now and what a coincidence, I was just looking at the Paydirt Prospector skin last night while buying an Endurance Frigate to complete my Mining Fleet collection of Venture and Prospect Frigates.


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