Cheap alpha clone kiting ship

(Skessa Hornet) #1

Would like to roam solo in NS. Principaly in delve.
I used this :

It s to kill cyno / frigate / venture / drone / hauler.

Well i need to improve my gameplay because last time i get killed because of bad cap management under neut.

Is there also other ship frig / destr that can make more than 200 dps at 20-24 km in alpha clone? With it i have 214 and it cost me 15M my budget is 20M max.
I hate pve that s why i need cheap stuff.

(elitatwo) #2

Would it be okay if it were a Gallente ship?

The second Gallente destroyer, which is a drone boat and not the catalyst would certainly fit that m-o.

(Uriel the Flame) #3

(elitatwo) #4

Thanks, I had the Magus model in my mind but for the life of me didn’t find the Algos in that chais.

(Skessa Hornet) #5

Algo ok. Im not fan of drone in pvp because it can be poped. But let s try it.

What a good fit for algo with mwd + warp disrupt t2?

(system) #6

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