Looking for Best PVP Gallente based NON cap ship cost does not matter

Ok, I’ve been playing for years but have also been away for a few years. What is the best Gallente based PVP that is NOT a capital ship? And how would you fit it. Please post ships and fittings below. I’m looking for both SOLO play and Fleet fights. Price does not matter. But be smart on your ship fittings. Looking for current patch related builds.



All of the Gallente ships but the logi and ewar ones are made for pvp. The fits didn’t change.

I charge 5 billion per fit.

I’ll smash elitatwo’s offer and only charge 100mil…

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If you want a more comprehensive answer, perhaps you should give us more information about maybe… what you would like to shoot at?

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There is no best ship because eve works on paper rock scrissors principle. Deimos is probably strongest all-round pvp ship from gallente tree though.

hmm can you give me a fit for the Proteus for PVP not always going to be one on one so will need to be able to take a few hits if necessary

So here’s a piece of advice, download EFT or pyfa and fiddle something good.

For your very specific requirement, I suggest guns and some tank. You’re welcome.

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It will be based on where you fly. The meta is different in different regions/areas. Post a few systems where you’d be and we will help you out!

kiting mega navy

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Navy Mega kitey:

  • buy Megathron Navy Issue
  • fit a prop mod
  • fit guns
  • undock

Now you know.


excuse me but i have a mean solo lach that would like a word with you and that’s to say nothing of the MNI


Well, I had the Navitas and Keres in mind. Those are excellent support ships but they lack firepower on their own.


Proteus solo

BNI Fleet.

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