EVERMARKS | The Good, the Bad and the Ugly :nyanparrot:

Here are the winners and losers for Paragon’s EverMarks.

  • Merlin 2,500 319,900 = 128
  • Venture 2,900 394,700 = 136
  • Heron 2,500 640,000 = 256
  • Incursus 2,500 689,900 = 276
  • Probe 2,500 747,200 = 299
  • Magnate 2,500 796,900 = 319
  • Punisher 2,500 833,000 = 333
  • Imicus 2,500 976,800 = 391
  • Cormorant 2,600 1,350,000 = 519
  • Thrasher 2,600 1,448,000 = 557
  • Coercer 2,600 1,693,00 = 651
  • Rifter 2,500 1,650,000 = 660
  • Catalyst 2,600 1,977,000 = 760
  • Procurer 4,000 57,980,000 = 14,495
  • Covetor 4,000 59,580,000 = 14,895
  • Retriever 4,000 61,920,000 = 15,480

I took the Jita cost of the above-referenced ships and divided it by the EverMarks you receive for tuning them into IRIS. As you can see, the barges are a TERRIBLE investment!

*You can keep denying the missions until you get one of the better deals without any repercussions.


Don’t worry, they’ll fix that soon.


I think you’re right about that. I hope they change how often you can “run the mission” as well. Once every 24 hours seems a bit restrictive.

Probably they will make them to be a weekly occurrence. :wink: :face_with_hand_over_mouth: :thinking:





:arrow_up: What is that thingy?

Psyduck holding a CCP logo sign.


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Thanks. I’m assuming CCP designed it?

Ran across this after following that link. Wasn’t there someone in these forums that was “cat crazy”?

Yes seems like a custom emote made by CCP.

No idea. A crazy cat you say? :thinking:


Hope CCP releases the holograms for my golem!


I agree…and it’s strange that the ship type even matters, except for the cost. You should be able to “apply” the hologram in the manner same regardless of the ship type. Of course, I understand that they (CCP) want you to buy one for every ship in the game…

*I’m not a hologram expert.

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I make them for free.
/(well not free but I can make and forget about costs or materials that could be used on catalysts instead)

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Sell one and buy/build lots of Merlins. The ratio is much better…if you’re even interested in holograms :slight_smile:


How many is lots?

/nm I saw the price is rather low so I got a few from the market.

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pleease release faction frigate logos, and make them pretty expensive comparitively.

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I tried 30-40 times to get a Merlin offer, but the best I could get was a Venture. I think they may be filling a quota on ships, so the cost of EverMarks will continue to go up.

Has anyone received a mission offer with a Merlin?

I want a logo for my Hecate :eyes:

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They don’t have EverMarks for the two ships I fly the most…I think they have 100 ships so far. I have no idea why anyone would want an EM® for a rookie ship. Who flies rookie ships?

Have to check it out today, just returned to EvE a week ago. BTW, how many points do you need for an logo?

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They start at 2,500 and go up from there.