Daily Campaign Evermarks went to Corp

Was that supposed to happen? I thought they were going to the character that completed the challenge. Also, can we use Corp Evermarks for corp ship logos yet?

Did all of them go to the Corp? what is your Corp’s tax rate?


Ah! Of course. I have a high tax rate (solo corp). I’ll pay closer attention to the exact numbers next time, but I’m pretty sure that’s the answer. Thanks.

Just did the kill 2 npc and get 1000pts. Both Character and Corp got 1000pts. Dunno why, that certainly didn’t happen last night. Perhaps a work in progress? Will keep paying closer attention.

Hey there!

When a character in a player corporation earns an EverMark, the corporation earns 1 EverMark (regardless of tax rate) as well. Corporation EverMarks can be used on SKINR, which can be used to personalize Upwell Structures owned by the corporation.

Personal EverMarks can be used in Paragon stations to unlock corporation & alliance emblems for every ship.


Thank you. That clears up a lot of my confusion.

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