I couldn’t believe that People actually ask for Evermarks… so here I am forced to make a post to find out. Why would one want Evermarks as their daily reward? would one actually???


personalisations ! tae a look what you can buy with evermarks and then you know why ppl wants them !

What can you buy with them? Useless ship emblems that you can’t even see on many hulls, or not appreciate on most hulls because of how bad they look like. And structure colors that look bad due to how materials work ingame.


fanfest stated to expect more uses of them to appear. i expect them to be part of the cost for pilot-created custom skins alongside plex

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Nobody asked for Evermarks, players asked for option to put Corp and Alliance logos on their ships.

Evermarks was CCP’s hairbrained idea for players to purchase those logo’s. Also CCP’s idea to implement the stupid ship trade mission with agents so players could get those Evermarks.


EM are still better than RL cash for emblems, but the grind for the EM is really not worth it for the current level of emblem quality.

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I took a look and found you can buy a corp logo and alliance logo with it. They suck on majority of the ships and are misplaced in most cases (take for example kikimora) I would NOT want the logo to be where it is.
all that is besides the fact, that HARDLY MYSELF, the owner of those marks, can see them… unless I zoomed into it. I’l let players decide for their own how feasible is that for them lol

I didnt know that. Well thats some potential positive news to do with EM…

If that is true I wonder how many EMs it will cost to create just one SKIN. :thinking:

Players ask for something; CCP introduces that something within a new weird mechanic / currency; people complain about that mechanic and/or currency; CCP decided to roll back and take the something out the game again.

Don’t let emblems to be cut off from EVE like the captain quarters were :cry:

They are a scam.

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Like mining permits?


Please stay on topic miner.

Today’s topic is EverMarks, not whatever you are going on about.

So, you can randomly accuse EverMarks of being a scam, but I can’t ask for clarification of the type of scam? Makes perfect sense…


If you want to have a conversation with me, please create a new thread for that purpose. Thank you and good posting capsuleer!

Some people actually like their corp/alliance logos and take pride in wearing them. I understand that it’s not for everyone, in which case, don’t worry about it! No one is forcing you to do the dailies, and if it’s not the reward you want then do the ones that give you the reward you want.


That Space Hussy is clearly upset over the Evemarks as it would require pve content to obtain and that obtaining her statue in Space had been too hard to achieve.


If that PVE content creates miners and marauders to gank, I bet Aiko would be happy. It isn’t generating any additional gank targets, though, as players aren’t seeing a value in it and therefore not bothering to undock ships to run the new dailies.

Maybe Safety should accept mining permit payments in nothing but EverMarks from now on, that would put a value to it.

The new dailies are required, because nullers can’t go to highsec to hand ships to the EM npc daily quest that was around for half a year or so, as the nullers are scared of places with neutral capsuleers in local.

The mining and the ishtar afk-ing components of the new dailies are easily doable in null. To a small elite among the nullers, the shoot-a-fireworks-at-a-npc quest can be done, too, because they know how to fit a module on a ship, much unlike the vast majority of nullers that use prefit doctrine ships they were contracted and have to be told “press f1 please” in order to know what to do with them.

That statue only matters in highsec. Safety Members including Aiko can do whatever they want in low and wormholeland and especially null, since holers and lowers might try to produce a frozen aiko corpse if the chance arises, while nullers were taught to dock when a neutral enters local, and stay docked until the neutral is gone again, so safety can rat until they got bored of it in null w/o interference of the locals.

All my 3 quest have been fu… evermarks the last 4 day . I get it that some people probably enjoy it . But first for me the ‘‘we proud of our corp logo’’ well ok , but reality check no one see your logo outside zkillboard , this is eve online , not elite dangerous.

Second thing is it just a huge slap in the face to low sp player .
I need to work on magic 14 and this 10 000 sp reward is way way more valuable then 1 m evermarks .

Can’t even sell them ( and even if we could they be worth nothing , since 98% of player base don’t give a f… ) .

This is the most frustrating game mechanic i ever seen , login in a game hoping to get sp daily and being … ah ■■■■ evermark again ( wich mean no daily quest reward today ) . Aren’t those daily challenges supose to make want to login and play little bit everyday ( or rewarding me doing so ) instead of making me sad half the time when i log in ?

I don’t mind if there is daily stuff for evermark , but please make it seperate from daily quest that give sp , huge majority of player want sp way way more then evermark. Its like i come hoping to get a AAA angus steak ( sp ) and get chicken liver with ketchup(evermark).

They could rename Daily Challenges : Daily disappoint with evermarks as rewards.


I’m struggling to understand the Scope video on the launcher today which makes EveMarks seem easier to obtain than ever but…

Iceacid mentioned pve content which is still outside of the duties of any Princess of the New Order.

Not to mention that in your comment there had been multiple instances where it suggested commoner type duties would need to be conducted to obtain EVEMarks which goes against that gankerette we all know by name.